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October 10, 2008

Thieves hit historic house

RANSON, W.Va. -- An attractive historic farmhouse that was supposed to be given to the City of Ranson for recreation purposes has fallen victim to thieves, Ranson City Council members said Tuesday night during their regular meeting.

The house was in the proposed Tackley Mill commercial and residential development that was to be built in the area of the intersection of W.Va. 9 and Wiltshire Road. The project has yet to take off due to financial problems, council member Duke Pierson said.

With the value of scrap metal increasing, thieves have gone into the home, stealing the furnace, tearing the top off a stove and stealing a sink, Pierson said.

Windows are broken and doors are standing open, Pierson said.

Council members discussed what to do about the problem, especially since it was a resource that was to go to the city.


"If it burns down, it's a loss to the city," Pierson said.

Pierson said the owner has some responsibility, and City Manager Dave Mills said the city has the authority to board up the building if necessary.

Town meeting set for Oct. 25

RANSON, W.Va. -- Ranson city residents will get a chance to learn more about their town during a town meeting scheduled for Oct. 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Ranson City Hall at 312 S. Mildred St.

Ranson City Council members said Tuesday night during their regular meeting that the town meeting will give city residents a chance to learn about new parks in the city, how the town plans to address snow removal this winter and how the city is preparing for the downturn in the economy. City officials emphasized that services will remain at the same level.

Ranson has become an active town in recent years, annexing large tracks of land and expanding commercial development along the Charles Town Bypass that includes restaurants and a Home Depot.

-- Dave McMillion

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