Shout out to a star in stripes forever

October 09, 2008|By BIG SYDNEY

It's lonely in the limelight (no this isn't another green statement).

But when you are out there all alone with your ... picks ... hanging out (and everything else), it is easy to be the target of the demanding public.

My life isn't just black or white -- or in my profession, heads or tails. I stand by my convictions.

The fall season starts the time of giving and goodwill in this country. It all heads to the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, but it starts right now.

That's why I'm a proud member of UNICEF ... No, not that one.

This is Understanding Negative Initial Calls Enforced Fully. My job is to reach out to the poor unfortunates who have the fortitude to take control of a situation and are still man enough to take the criticism for their actions.


I am reaching out to Ed Hochuli, the much-maligned NFL official who has been the pinata of football fans this season. I decided to write him a letter of encouragement in this time of goodwill.

First, I did a little research on the situation at Dargan's San Diego fan club and healthy eating combine -- Chargers of the Lite Brigade -- to get a little background on the situation.

So, here it goes.

Dear Ed,

I know the past few weeks have been a little rough on you. Believe me, I feel your pain. We are both in professions where everyone thinks you are only right half the time.

Remember, it's easy for everyone to make you the villain when they don't agree with your actions. Blow one call or one pick and suddenly you're O.J. Simpson.

Just keep your head down and do your best. This will pass in time because something else will happen to take attention away from you. Like right now, no one remembers the former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. He's a Vick-tim of his decisions.

Besides, remember, it could be worse.

You call football games. I pick football games. At least we aren't running for president.

Regards, Syd.

On with the predictions. Last week 16-6 (.727), season 79-33 (.705).


Middletown 31, North Hagerstown 21

Frederick 19, South Hagerstown 13

Smithsburg 41, Brunswick 14

Boonsboro 34, Williamsport 13

Catoctin 48, Clear Spring 12

Fort Hill 38, Jefferson 20

Washington 27, Kettle Run 16

Musselman 44, Hedgesville 12

Steel-High 47, James Buchanan 17

Keyser 42, Berkeley Springs 12

Greencastle 37, Susquehanna Township 14

Waynesboro 24, Shippensburg 20

Bishop McDevitt 49, Chambersburg 19

Hancock 13, Ferndale 8

Maret School 24, St. James 12

Hill School 27, Mercersburg Academy 13


West Virginia 38, Syracuse 17

Wisconsin 27, Penn State 24

Shepherd 31, Concord 17


Colts 23, Ravens 16

Redskins 34, Rams 13

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