Mail Call

October 08, 2008

"I have lived in the Cavetown area for a number of years now, so I'm familiar of where the school bus stops are. When approaching these areas, I keep safety in mind. What concerns me is the choice of location for two of the stops. (Old Georgetown Road/Route 66, and the one in front of the planing mill). Why are these stops located near a 'blind curve'? The bus drivers should deploy the stop signs before coming to a complete stop." - Cavetown

"If it's about acting, I give Gov. Palin an A+. However, as we all understand, you cannot rehearse when you are the focus point of not just being vice president, but the ability of being commander in chief when called upon. Action speaks louder than words. Sen. Biden did very well. To say the least, it was very interesting." - Hagerstown

"It's really a shame that The Maryland Theatre only has four events scheduled between now and the end of the year. That place should be used every weekend, bringing in business to the local hotels and restaurants. This certainly could be used more efficiently." - Hagerstown


"Sarah Palin had to go to John McCain's retreat to be prepared by a group of people for her vice presidential debate. If she became vice president, or God forbid, the president, will she have to do the same thing? If tough questions or situations come up, a lot of times you need to have answers right away, not have days to find the answer. This office she's running for, I believe she was only picked because she would take the spotlight off of John McCain and his shortcomings." - Hagerstown

"Everybody is so worried about Sarah Palin for the vice president's position, yet no one's even talking about her nonexperience. Nobody's even talking about the fact that the Democrats are putting through a man who's the most junior senator there is. What a life." - Hagerstown

"The news media, 90 percent of them want Obama to win, that's for sure. They are very nasty to the woman, Palin. Very, very nasty to her. You know what? I wasn't gonna vote, but I am voting for Palin now." - Jefferson County, W.Va.

"John McCain suspended his campaign to help get Congress to approve the bailout bill, yet they didn't vote for it. There were more Republicans than Democrats that did not vote for it. On the new bill, two Alaskan Republican senators did not vote for it. If neither McCain nor Palin can get their own party to vote for something, how are they gonna reach across the aisle and work together and work with Democrats?" - Hagerstown

"I'm sitting here watching the vice presidential debate, and I've heard Sarah Palin, several times, say the word 'nuclear' the same way George W. Bush has pronounced it all these years: 'nu-cu-lar.' Can we please have people in office who know how to speak the English language?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the comment that was in the newspaper on Wednesday, Oct. 1, about the person saying that they liked to see people raise the diesel fuel to $50 a gallon. You'd probably also be one of the first people to complain when everything else is raised price-wise because of diesel fuel being so high. Truckers need to be on the road to deliver goods and products to people, and if it's $50 a gallon for diesel fuel, it would pass on the cost to the consumer. It would only be hurting you in turn, and you'd probably call and complain about that. Stop complaining and move over for the traffic." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I called last week about Holly Place on South Potomac Street. Come on, people, you want these phone calls - now because it's about senior citizens and the prisoners having resorts, it's not good enough to publicize in your paper? Come on, let's get it in there. It was called in last week about Holly Place and the senior citizens not having any place to go because they haven't committed a crime. The only bad thing is they can't afford something elsewhere in a nursing home, and down at the prison they're treated like royalty and it's a resort."

"Concerning the presidential election which is coming up, it doesn't scare me having a vice president that is really, really not full of experience. What really scares me is having a president that doesn't have any experience. That's what you people better think about. Everybody's picking on Sarah Palin; well, Barack Obama has about the same amount of experience, but he could be president, so you've got to start to think about that before you vote." - Sharpsburg

"I wish The Herald-Mail would wite a story about the three ladies who were all 82 and they had all the similarities between the three of them. It would be a very interesting story, to see what these girls really look like and how they are." - Hagerstown

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