Letters to the editor

October 08, 2008

Sunrise Rotary auction to assist Safe Place charity

To the editor:

Safe Place has been selected as a nonprofit partner for the Seventh Annual Sunrise Rotary auction.

The auction will be held on Sunday, Oct. 19, from 4 to 9 pm at the Elks Lodge and tickets are still available.

Tickets are $35 per person. If you haven't attended this event before, it's a lot of fun in support of some great causes.

If you can't attend but would like to support the event, I still have a few raffle tickets as well (prizes are Oriental rugs or a $500 shopping spree at the Valley Mall). Thanks in advance for your support.


Why Safe Place? Because Washington County consistently ranks as one of the worst counties in the state with respect to the number of instances of severe physical and sexual abuse cases reported.

Each year, Safe Place provides comprehensive services to more than 700 children who have been severely physically or sexually abused in Washington County.

Safe Place brings law enforcement, prosecution, child protective workers and medical and mental health professionals under one roof to provide these services to the children in the most child-friendly environment possible.

For this fiscal year, we will provide services to more than 900 children.

Jeanne F. Singer

Library thanks all of its many friends

To the editor:

Saturday night, Oct. 4, was a wonderful time to be in Maryland, Washington County and the City of Hagerstown. Many friends of the Washington County Free Library and the Western Maryland Regional Library celebrated our annual Gala in the Stacks at the central library on South Potomac Street.

The proceeds of this event go into our library building fund that has partnered with federal, state, county and city governments to bring this community new libraries in Clear Spring, Smithsburg and Boonsboro.

This same partnership is poised to bring a major expansion (doubling the size of the existing central library) to downtown Hagerstown. Our library board and staff's vision is to improve libraries in our county from Hancock to Sharpsburg. The central library in Hagerstown is next, but by no means is it the last project in our plan.

On behalf of the board of trustees, the staff of the library and the many friends of our library system, I want to thank the following sponsors of this year's Gala: Susquehanna Bank; Ferris Baker Watts; Avon Books; Building Systems, Inc.; Gaye McGovern Insurance Agency, Inc.; Hagerstown Trust; Holcim, Kline and Company, CPA; Patriot Federal Credit Union; Schmankerl Stube; AC&T Company, Inc.; Beaver Contractors; Catherine Drummond, Attorney; Hagerstown Community College; Mary Baykan; Smith, Elliot Kearns and Company; Ellsworth Electric, Inc. the Hagerstown and Washington County Chamber of Commerce; Music and Arts; WJEJ Radio; The Bavarian Inn; Duffy's on Potomac; Durango Restaurant; Miller's Farmstead; The Inn at Antietam; the Plaza Hotel Fireside Restaurant and Lounge; and Travel Leaders. Without the help of these fine folks, our Gala could not occur.

Our new libraries in Clear Spring, Smithsburg and Boonsboro are thriving community centers; our new expanded library in downtown Hagerstown, coupled with the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts and The Maryland Theatre, will be an economic engine continually improving our historic downtown area. The whole library community thanks in advance our federal government elected leaders, our governor and the Maryland General Assembly, our local delegation to the General Assembly, our Board of County Commissioners, the Mayor and Council of Hagerstown, and you, the deserving citizens of this community for your vision and financial support for this, and all of the past and future library projects.

With everyone's help and pulling together as one, a strong current for positive change, we will open a new community jewel in downtown Hagerstown in the fall of 2011.

Art Callaham
WCFL Board of Trustees

Real estate salespeople also merit some blame

To the editor:

I want to congratulate Mr. Lloyd 'Pete" Waters for his keen insight on what really caused the nation's economic mess - greed and stupidity. It most certainly was caused by greedy or stupid:

People who purchased homes far beyond their means, either gambling that skyrocketing home prices would create the equity they could not or were dumb enough to think that they wouldn't have to actually pay for these over-priced homes on lower-middle-class paychecks.

Bankers who thought that they could make a flurry of bad loans on overvalued homes to people with poor credit and marginal incomes and that this wouldn't impact their financial well-being.

Fifteen years of a do-nothing Congress failing to implement controls to prevent banks from unloading these bad loans on the likes of Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae, figuratively and literally passing the buck.

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