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October 06, 2008

Last week's question:

What is the best solution to the current Wall Street crisis?

o Give the president the $700 billion bailout solution he wants. - 15 votes (14 percent)

o Seize all the financial firms involved and nationalize them. - 27 votes (24 percent)

o Let the free market sort everything out, even if it means another Great Depression. - 47 votes (42 percent)

o Raise taxes to cover all of the losses. - 2 votes (2 percent)

o Do nothing now; solutions have a way of presenting themselves as time goes by. - 20 votes (18 percent)


o Posted by notlaffen, Friday Sept. 26
I did not vote because I do not like any of the answers.

o Posted by blessedbe, Friday Sept. 26
Yeah, me neither. Because they are all some degree of extreme and they all carry a mess with them, no matter how you slice it. Might want to start with an all-out liquidation of these executives and their mass fortunes before you go tapping the American people to clean up your mess.


o Posted by skinsfan, Tuesday, Sept. 30
I agree, none of the answers are very compelling. Why bail them out? Where does it stop? Who is next? We sure don't want the government involved and who wants to see another Great Depression? It will never work itself out, I really don't know what the answer is. But I do like the all-out liquidation idea with these executives who were so greedy getting their fortunes off people who couldn't afford these huge house payments getting nothing. I mess up that bad on my job, I'm fired and get nothing.

o Posted by thefig, Tuesday Sept. 30
Jail time is in order in this case!

o Posted by driver177, Wednesday, Oct. 1
When you read these "polls" you have to consider the liberal bias of this town and the newspaper. I voted to let it sort out by itself. I was born and raised in the country.. I can survive a depression! My grand dad did!

What needs to be considered here is that the Dems are the root cause of this. Slick Willy Clinton passed the laws that made lending to unqualified folks into law. And San Fran Nan and her group have stood on the sideline.

o Posted by notlaffen, Wednesday, Oct. 1
There is only one person in this county who knows the "best" solution - it's not me and I won't mention his name. There are many solutions: Short-term/long-term; comprehensive/noncomprehensive; public/private; Republican/Democratic/and the rest of the politicians; optimists/pessimists/and doomsayers; etc. The "best" solution is not a 2.5 page plan submitted to Congress by the Bush administration - I hope we can all agree on that statement but maybe not.

o Posted by cinderblock, Thursday, Oct. 2
It's a shame this country is going down the road they are going. Maybe if they wouldn't forget God all the time and maybe, just maybe, things would be a little better.

Oh, I forgot: When there is a tragedy Congress remembers and says "Let's pray." Just a little too late, I think!Maybe they should get back to what this country was founded on.

o Posted by thefig, Thursday Oct. 2
We need change to the (onion page) are any of your people at work?

o Posted by driver177, Oct. 3
I was at work. I work nights so I can sit here and read this. I actually kind of almost like reading this. And what is an onion page? And does it make you cry when you read it?

This week's question:

What is the most important issue in the Washington County School Board race?

o Where the board will get the money to build new schools and operate its ongoing programs.

o How the board will attract the best new teachers to work in local schools.

o Who will be hired to replace Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan if she retires?

o I didn't know there was a School Board race.

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