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October 05, 2008
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God did not send Jesus into the world just to have something to do or for fun. A great need of vital importance came into existence and man could not fulfill it because he harbors thoughts, words and deeds that are sinful.

So much so that if our precious Lord had not been sent to us, we would all be damned. The most powerful possession in the world is love.

God proved his love by sending Jesus. Jesus proved his love by willingly hanging on that old rugged cross bearing all of our sins.

It doesn't stop there. We must believe this, accept it and take Him into our hearts as Savior and learn of Him, and what he expects us to do, and do it to show Him our love and appreciation for His great sacrifice.


This is our pathway to heaven. I am sorry I have to tell you this, but there is another place we can go that is the very opposite of heaven. We can serve the very opposite of Jesus. His name is Satan, who tells us to worship other gods, practice witchcraft, hate, murder and adultery, etc.

Jesus tells us to practice love, peace, faith and long suffering. Knowing that some will not accept Jesus brings tears and sorrow to our hearts.

Not that those of us who do accept him are worthy and deserving. His blood streaming down that cross washed away our sins.

Love grew where the blood fell, flowers of hope sprang up for men in musing. Sin dies where the blood fell. His precious blood cured us. Thank you, Jesus.

Frances Moats


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