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Nightmare vacations

October 03, 2008|By JULIE E. GREENE

Recreational vehicles breaking down, a houseboat run aground, medical maladies popping up, getting run over and dragged by a sport utility vehicle, hanging your child outside the car to pee because you're stuck on the interstate in a snowstorm, and having the outhouse floor give way underneath you.

We asked for your vacation horror stories and well, let me just say I'm glad I wasn't on any of those vacations.

We don't have room in this newspaper for all the horror stories readers shared so we're sharing a few here and posting all 20 submitted stories online. We'll have links to all 20 stories here.

We randomly drew two contributors to win $50 gas cards.

Jackie Drooger, 50, of Waynesboro, Pa., plans to give her gas card to her son-in-law, Scott Mumma, a Marine stationed at Twentynine Palms in California. Drooger's family ended up at a vacation spot called the Last Resort. Your imagination is probably filling in some of the details already.


Nancy Wallech, 75, of Hagerstown, also won a gas card. Her vacation horror occurred during a family trip to Georgia to visit a NASCAR driver's shop. Their van was stolen in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The family might take another NASCAR-related trip this winter to see the drivers test their race cars at Daytona International Speedway. Hopefully, that trip will go better.

These stories take place all over the country, or even in other countries. Some are recent. Some are decades old. We didn't verify all the specifics, but trust that these readers, who took the time to share many details - in some cases, maybe too many details - of their nightmare vacations, stuck strictly to the facts.

And the next time you have a safe, happy, uneventful vacation, thank your lucky stars.

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