This vacation could have been a pilot for 'Survivor'

October 03, 2008|By TINA GRIM, Sharpsburg

Years ago, my husband, Darin, and I booked a short trip with a travel agency. We would be flying to Texas to see a Redskins football game against the Dallas Cowboys.

When we arrived at the airport, we were informed by the agency that our flight had been changed. After some confusion, we boarded the correct plane for the long trip.

Since our new flight was now overbooked, they did not have enough meals to feed everyone, including us. To compensate for this, they offered free peanuts and alcoholic beverages to anyone not receiving a meal.

My husband and I accepted a soda, but several people sitting around us took full advantage of the free alcohol. Needless to say, some people got very "happy" during the trip. With some motion sickness setting in, an empty stomach, and the smell of liquor, my trip was not enjoyable in the least. I had my head in a bag almost the entire flight.


After arriving in Dallas, we were told that our luggage had been left on the previous flight and had not made the trip with us. At 1 a.m., a knock came to our door informing us that our luggage had arrived and had been delivered to the hotel.

At 3 a.m. that same morning, another knock came to our door. It was an EMT informing us that we needed to evacuate our room immediately. As he spoke, a stretcher went flying past our door with a man receiving some very serious medical treatment. There was a carbon monoxide leak and some people had gotten ill already.

The next day, we headed to Texas stadium on a bus with other people who had purchased the same package that we had. It was on the bus that we were told there had been a mix-up with the tickets. The tickets that were available were only for single seats scattered across the entire stadium. They only had four sets of double seats that were together.

In order to make it "fair," they had a man stand about 400 yards from the bus and whichever four couples got to him first could have those seats. My thighs were sore for a week but we got a set of those seats together!

After that trip was finally over, my husband and I decided that it would be much easier to stay home and watch football in our living room. And that is what we have been doing ever since!

Editor's note: The Grims, who are Redskins fans, watched the Skins beat the Cowboys 30-7 on Sept. 24, 1989.

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