Mail Call

October 03, 2008

"Finally, someone called in about the pesky stink bugs. They're awful. We need real help. Isn't there something you can do to deter them from hanging all over your house and doors and windows?" - Washington County

"The comment in Monday's Mail Call regarding the new school for the arts is typical for Hagerstown. What a terrible idea - trying to bring some culture and class to the area. My daughter is a music education major in college, and would have loved to have had the opportunity to attend a high school such as this. Students who have a passion for the arts dedicate countless hours of time to pursue their dreams. I challenge everyone who has sent a negative comment to Mail Call to attend a high school concert, art show or musical this year, and then tell these children that their talents aren't worth the price of this new school. Just think a moment about how much the arts touch our lives. Also, how is this school any different than the tech high school? Why don't we give this a chance to work before condemning it?" - Maugansville


"This is a happy story for Mail Call. Once again, my mother celebrated her birthday with her two best friends. All three are 82 years old. All three have been married 62 years, and all three still have the same husbands. All three have three children; three girls, three boys, three girls. All three have been friends for over 50 years. All three are grandmothers and great-grandmothers. All three are ambulatory, alert, and drive their own cars, and are really good-looking, volunteer in the community, and love life. Now isn't this a beautiful story?"

"I'm all for any kind of bailout to help the banks or help people who got in too big of a house, but make them pay back what they borrow, or give some of their profit when they go to sell. Pay back what they're helped with. We shouldn't just give people money for making stupid mistakes." - Hagerstown

"Capitalism is a failed economic system. Unbridled capitalism leads to corruption. The present economic crisis began with the Reagan revolution. He took the controls off of CEOs; they took our money and ran. Present-day Republicans like John McCain still want to give them free reign. The present-day economic problems are not (ours), but we are going to get stuck with the bill." - Halfway

"I seen the funniest thing today. McCain and Palin in Ohio campaigning. They're walking down this receiving line together, and all these people are asking for her autograph, and not his. Who are these people voting for? They're not voting for McCain, they're voting for Palin. They're voting for the VP candidate. I think Republicans have totally lost sense of what they're supposed to be doing Nov. 4." - Hagerstown

"The person who called in about 'Sarah Palin, finally a voice for us women' - though I fail to see what gender has to do with voting - they forgot, she's also a voice for us women who love to tote our guns." - Hagerstown

"I'm just calling to say I'm very disappointed on the coverage of the Maryland State Police medevac helicopter crash. We have two medics that live here in Williamsport. The medics rotate all over. The medic that got killed has been in to Washington County Hospital, the pilots flew in to Washington County Hospital. They fly all over the state of Maryland from different sites ... I just would like to say to all the people that work for the Maryland State Police, especially with the medevac helicopter, you are our heroes, and we're sorry this happened."

"In regards to the stink bugs, my husband discovered that using a shop vac, he was able to vac most of them off of the outside of the house, and we have a small shop vac which we use inside, and they are easy to empty. You can dispose of the bugs in a lot of different ways, in your trash or whatever. ... this is something that has relieved us of the hundreds and hundreds that we've had to deal with each year, and it really has made a big dent in their population at our house. So try shop vacs." - Funkstown

"We all should be watching the enrollment of the school for the arts, where we are paying the principal $111,000, and all the additional expenses involved, such as more teachers for a favored few students, while we are still using temporary classrooms. This school will be a money pit, like the airport runway." - Hagerstown

"In her letter, Angela Cariddo seems to have a problem with Gov. Palin's experience as compared to Sen. Biden's. I have a bigger problem with Sen. Obama's experience compared to Gov. Palin's." - Smithsburg

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