Story behind 'RV' the movie?

October 03, 2008|By DIANA BOWMAN, Hancock

In July 2001, my husband, grandkids, dog and I left for a trip to Colorado.

The first hour of the trip, while riding, I scalded my chest with a full cup of HOT coffee and needed medication. A few hours later, a tire on our motor home went flat. We called AAA. They had trouble finding us and finally arrived 2 1/2 hours later. It was 100 degrees out and we couldn't run the air.

After changing it with a used tire, they charged us! They're not supposed to!

Second day on the road, another flat tire. Called AAA again! It's 110 degrees and we can't use the air. Waited more than an hour for them to arrive. Changed this tire with another used tire.

Third day on the road, one of the used tires was going flat. We drove slowly to the next town and found a truck place that sold tires. Harold bought ALL six new tires, had to use credit card, which we don't like to do. It was 112 degrees. Sign on door said, No pets. I picked up the 32-pound dog and walked in and sat down and held her on my lap for 2 1/2 hours while they put all new tires on.


Fourth day, we finally made it to Colorado.

Next day I took the two youngest kids horseback riding. While riding around a very high cliff on a 12-inch-wide path, Paul's horse slipped and went down on its knees. The guide shouted directions of what to do and what NOT to do. The horse finally got up seven minutes later. Going back to the stables, the same horse fell again and almost caught Paul's leg! The horse had a loose shoe!

Saturday evening I rode a bus two miles to rent a car for 24 hours; any time over would cost another full day!

Sunday morning we drove to the gold mines in the pouring rain. There was also a lot of construction work going on. Took one hour longer to get there. We left early to have enough time to return the car. There was more road construction and a wreck. It held us up for an extra two hours. It had stopped raining.

Since we were already over the 24 hours, we stopped at our campground and let the kids and dog out and told Jimmy to put all the cameras in the motorhome and watch the two youngest kids till we got back.

Because we were leaving the next morning, we returned the car. I asked what time the bus would stop there. They told me that the bus doesn't run on Sunday.

We decided to walk the two miles. Ten minutes into the walk, a terrible thunderstorm came up. There was no cover for us, so we kept walking in water now up to our knees. Lightning was all around us and I was extremely frightened. Just as we got back the rain stopped and we found all the cameras STILL on the picnic table, RUINED! Jimmy was there, but Paul and Danielle were not! Had to find these two kids. When we got back Harold discovered that the lightning had hit our camper's electrical system. While he worked on it, I went to wash and dry our wet clothing, but my new sneakers and new leather purse were ruined!

The next day we left. Later that day, one of our NEW tires went flat. We stopped and got it fixed at a station.

Went on to visit South Dakota. Then we found a KOA Kampground to stay the night. As Harold hooked up the sewer hose, it burst all over him. We had to buy one at the campground store and pay twice as much for it! The next day went OK. Next day while driving home, Danielle and our dog were lying on the floor, sleeping and our TV jarred loose and fell and almost hit their heads. Harold didn't stop, he just said we will be home tonight, if I have to drive all night!

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