Washington County 4-H dairy team does well at state fair

September 30, 2008

The Washington County 4-H dairy judging teams competed in the dairy judging contest at the 2008 Maryland State Fair in Timonium, Md.

In dairy judging, contestants evaluate and rank a class of four animals based on their conformation and then prepare and present an oral presentation to a judge defending their placing.

The juniors were first overall, the intermediates were first overall and the seniors were second overall.

Results from Maryland State Fair:


Sydney Davis - ninth, Guernsey; third, Holstein; first, Jersey; third overall

Cory DeBaugh - second, Brown Swiss; fifth, Guernsey; 10th, Holstein; fourth, Jersey; fourth, Reasons; first overall

Tatian Smith - first, Ayrshire; ninth, Holstein; eighth overall

Gene Wiles - 10th, Guernsey; sixth, Holstein; 20th overall



Erin Corbett - eighth, Ayrshire; seventh, Holstein; 11th overall

Carol DeBaugh - ninth Guernsey; fourth, Jersey; eighth, Reasons; 12th overall

Macayla Wiles - first, Ayrshire; eighth, Holstein; third, Jersey; third overall

Rachel Wiles - eighth, Brown Swiss; sixth, Jersey; 10th overall

Tessa Wiles - fourth, Ayrshire; third, Holstein; second, Jersey; second overall


Erin Canfield - 10th, Brown Swiss

Kaitlyn Corbett - 10th, Guernsey; 13th overall

Scott DeBaugh - ninth, Guernsey

Tracey Forsythe - ninth, Ayrshire; sixth, Guernsey; ninth, Holstein; sixth, Jersey; third, overall placings; 10th, Reasons; fourth overall

The teams are sponsored by the Washington County Holstein Association.

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