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Our favorite blue robot is back in action

Our favorite blue robot is back in action

September 30, 2008|By BRAD SMITH / Pulse Correspondent

After years of mind-numbing spin-off games, the blue bomber is back in action.

"Mega Man 9" (a downloadable WiiWare title) brings everyone's favorite blue robot back to his roots with the same action platforming we've come to expect - yet are constantly denied - from the Mega Man franchise.

This is a formula we haven't seen in the core series since "Mega Man 8" on PlayStation 1 in 1996. The series revamp was exclusive to the Wii. But the PlayStation 3 version was released Thursday, Sept. 25, while Xbox 360 will see a release on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

The team at Capcom really pulled out all the stops for this one. They made sure that "Mega Man 9" game felt, looked, played just like its counterparts way back on the Nintendo Entertainment system. This mean complete eight-bit graphics, eight-bit soundtrack, eight-bit environments and eight-bit characters. There are even sprite glitches and flickering, much like the ones that would happen on the NES when too much is happening at once. This feature can be turned on or off as the player wishes, but being the puritan I am, I leave it on all the time.


I suggest buying it on Wii because the sideways Wiimote emulates the feel of a Nintendo Entertainment System much better.

This game has had my attention since it was first announced. I am a huge fan of classic games, and having a new classic game released is just perfect in my opinion.

It is very clear that this game was made as a revamp, and for fans of the series. When you first pick up the controller, it gives you state of déjà vu, because everything seems so familiar.

Eight new bosses have been included with outrageous names and powers. Just the name Jewel Man makes me want to get to the end of the level to kick his butt. Along with the bosses come eight completely original levels, each with their own crazy obstacles and challenges.

My favorite level so far is Hurricane Man because of the enemies in the hot air balloons and the spinning magnetic platforms. Once a boss is beaten, their powers are turned into a weapon for you to use on the remaining bosses, and as with all "Mega Man" games, if you can figure out the pattern to beating them, the boss fights become extremely easier.

A thing that should be noted though is that "Mega Man" games are notorious for being hard - this one is no exception. It is excruciatingly hard. This can be good or bad. The fact that you will be playing the levels over and over again until you win means you're getting your money's worth, but it also means that the player may get frustrated and give up. Once that annoyance is overlooked, then players can see all the things that this game has to offer.

Because it's an old-new game, modern features are added to enhance the experience, such as online leader boards that record the best times by players from all over the world. Also downloadable content soon to be released like an extra playable character.

It may have been a good idea to make the game more accessible to younger players, such as making it possible to lower the difficulty. As it stands I don't see many children having fun with this game. It's rated E for everyone.

Overall, the game becomes a great experience that classic gamers will feel right at home in. I hope that more developers take the hint from Capcom and we see more classic series' get back to the era they were born in.

I give "Mega Man 9" a 9 unnecessarily extravagant robot bosses out of 10.

Brad Smith, 16, is a junior at Boonsboro High School. The best video games, he thinks, can reincarnate and get better, but the updated version of "Grand Theft Auto" will be just OK.

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