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September 29, 2008

Last week's question

What is the most important issue in the upcoming presidential election?

o The war on terrorism. -- 11 votes (7 percent)

o The economy. -- 95 votes (63 percent)

o Convincing Congress to allow drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. -- 12 votes (8 percent)

o Cutting taxes. -- 1 vote (1 percent)

o It doesn't matter; Joe and Jane Average Citizen don't have much influence over these matters. -- 31 votes (21 percent)


o Posted by notlaffen, Sept. 19

I believe that most voters will say the economy. That makes the economy the decisive issue. The most important issue might be race or it might be gender or it might be age or it might be the confidence that the candidates will actually uphold the Constitution or it might be another war or it might be a natural or manmade disaster -- I do know my crystal ball can't tell me what will be the most important issue in the upcoming election until perhaps Nov. 4.


o Posted by WizardBOS, Sept. 22

The economy is the most important issue for us, our children and our grandchildren. McCain has not had any ideas besides cutting taxes -- for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, not working people. He would continue Bush's disastrous policies that created huge deficits, a burgeoning national debt (already a horrible burden for our children!), and the current crisis. As chairman of the Commerce Committee, McCain was a consistent deregulatory hawk, following the lead of his long-time friend and advisor, Phil Gramm (the guy who said we've become a "nation of whiners" and are in a "mental" recession), enabling banks to pursue "sub-prime" loans. Give us a break and a new path! Obama has demonstrated a solid grasp of economic issues and has chosen responsible advisors. He has spelled out a detailed plan for creating jobs and giving tax breaks to middle class workers.

o Posted by olddude, Sept. 22

If people in Washington continue spending money at the rate they're going, we'll all be living in cardboard boxes and hunting rats for food. At that point, who will care about terrorists?

o Posted by effy, Sept. 24

I will tell you who the real terrorists are -- our lending and insurance institutions, as well as our own government for trying to sweep this economic and ecological cluster under the rug. By definition, a terrorist is any group who invokes fear. Well, I'll tell you, I am very afraid.

I am afraid of our economy worsening to the point of a depression, I am afraid that other countries own more of America than we do, I am afraid that we have squandered defense resources for a war we needn't be in, and I am afraid for our environment because for some reason we lemmings seem to think that drilling for more oil is an actual answer to gas prices.

All of which puts us a precarious position to be overwhelmed by the next economic superpower that wants to come in and call in our debts. We would be penniless and defenseless to protect ourselves.

o Posted by effy, Sept. 24

I have seen more negative and self-destructive change in this country in the past three years than I have seen in my previous 40, all of it driven by greed. And the good-natured, law-abiding, humble and logical folks of this country get to foot the bill. And there are people out there cheering for the next Republican --- key player in the S&L scandal and bank deregulation. Check, please.

o Posted by blessedbe on Sept. 24

All of the "major" issues in this campaign are linked: The war on terror is taking money that needs to be spent on domestic issues -- meaning the people here; the economy is in the drain because there is no money and a big part of the reason there is no money is because the administration has abused its power and squandered our nation's resources.

It would continue to squander our nation's resources by thumbing its nose at our national parks and wildlife preserves on the possibility of getting enough oil to prolong the inevitable. Bottom line, we need some people in office with some foresight, guts and common sense. Go Obama!

o posted by the3monkeys, Sept. 25

The economy is by far the most important issue. The problem is that there is no fixing it. The collapse of this usurious system is coming and it's coming real soon (whether controlled or not does not matter). Bush bringing in both McCain & Obama for negotiations says it all. Welcome to 9/11 Financial. Amazing how many people are praising the "limits" on CEO pay packages, not even considering how a salary cap will trickle down the pay scale. Learn how to vote before it's too late, America

This week's question:

What's the best solution to current Wall Street crisis?

o Give the president the $700 billion bailout solution he wants.

o Seize all the financial firms involved and nationalize them.

o Let the free market sort everything out, even if it means another Great Dression.

o Raise taxes to cover all of the losses.

o Do nothing now; solutions have a way of presenting themselves as time goes by.

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