The view from a twenty-something

September 28, 2008

To the editor:

I was studying for the SAT in a high school library when the first terrorist plane hit on September 11, 2001. I was in my second semester of college when we invaded Iraq and the sixth semester when G. W. Bush accepted a second term.

I married and bought a house at the height of the housing market bubble. There are close to 20 million young persons with similar stories and during this election, we are listening!

I don't know if you've noticed, but people such as me have been taking notice of the state of our nation, and for longer than you may think.


In the 2004 election, 5 million more young people voted than in 2000. CNN reported this February that 3 million people under the age of 30 voted on Super Tuesday alone. Many ask why this is suddenly the case.

Although there are "hot" issues that interest us, today I am arguing that "younguns" like me have realized we cannot depend on anyone else but ourselves to hold our country to what we want it to be.

Although we should continue to be actively involved in our country's politics and vote, we are let down by extremism on both political sides and by both local and national media that seem to no longer employ investigative journalism.

Politics will always be politics and I think young people understand this unfortunate truth. But, WTH (what the hell)? What happened to the news? Legitimate news programs, news sites and newspapers have all but vanished during the last eight years.

Because of this, the only information we get on presidential candidates is exaggerated garbage! It feels as if there's nowhere to find information. We visit other countries' news pages to get stories that seem more real and constantly have to read deep between the lines of domestic articles and segments to find a truth. It's like looking for Waldo, not knowing if the artist included him in the picture or not!

One instance in which Waldo is not present is in Jerome Corsi's theories and books, treated by some media as legitimate research, simply because it contains footnotes and he earned a Harvard degree.

Let's call his work what I believe it is: Garbage. The man can't even accurately document dates of events. He has said that Bush actually wants to "dissolve" our borders. Corsi's just-published book was written expressly to derail Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.

He wrote the same type of book about John Kerry for the 2004 election. Some Americans read it, believed it, and voted. Look at the result.

It's time that all media start doing their jobs again - run the news. Stop running garbage about works like Corsi's. After all, garbage is like a pig it's all the same. Keep the garbage out of our news. We know the state of our country. Report the facts and leave the judgments to us.

Katie Hess-Reichard
Chambersburg, Pa.

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