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September 20, 2008|By TRISH RUDDER

New sidewalk to Widmyer gets OK

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - A Safe Routes to Schools resolution was passed Friday by the Morgan County Commission for the construction of a sidewalk from John Street to Widmyer Elementary School.

Maxie Maggio, administrative assistant to the commission, said a $92,000 grant with no matching funds required was received through the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.

She said the project design will begin next spring.

Commissioner offers list of directives for Coolfont's subdivision

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. At Friday's Morgan County Commission meeting, Commissioner Brenda J. Hutchinson presented a list of directives she wants the county planning commission to consider prior to finalizing Coolfont's plat approval for its subdivision.

The directives include creating a system to guarantee local people will be the first to be considered for all jobs needed by Coolfont. It was suggested that a job list be created, along with a list of local companies that are interested in the jobs.


Local resident Barbara Tudor said this could apply to all subdivision developments.

The commissioners agreed to revisit the water issue and will ask for a written assessment by Joe Donovan of West Virginia University, whose water study was used by Potesta, the environmental company hired by Coolfont owner, The Freeman Companies, to see if the conclusions are the same.

Other directives were:

· A conference center should be included in the project plans to attract weekday organizations, as the old Coolfont Resort had.

· A review of the project plans needs to be completed to ensure the subdivision does not become an exclusive community without economic benefit to the county at large.

· The subdivision owner must allocate land and funding for building and equipment to establish a fire substation within the project.

· A voluntary proffer is needed to defray the costs of road improvements and additional services necessitated by new residents such as police, fire, ambulance, etc.

Once green space is allotted, it should always remain green space, Commission President Glen Stotler added to the list of directives.

The commissioners will vote on the directives at the next commission meeting Oct. 3.

On Sept. 5, the commission voted to approve an order to create the Coolfont Community Enhancement District (CED), which gave Freeman the financial capability to issue bonds to help finance the construction of the planned community's infrastructure, such as a water plant and a wastewater treatment facility.

- Trish Rudder

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