Sink your teeth into this story

September 16, 2008|By Shelbi Ives/Pulse Correspondent

Marrying a vampire, trying to straighten out a best friend's jealousy and dealing with a life-threatening visit from the ancient coven of vampires called the Volturi all in one book? Yeah, I'm talking about "Breaking Dawn," the latest and final addition to one of the most talked about series called "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

Have you ever asked yourself: "Do Edward and Bella stay together forever?" If so, then I'm happy to inform you that yes, this question is going to be answered.

This book was the longest of the four, with a total of 754 pages, and only seven chapters that were set up into three parts. The point of view changes between Bella and Jacob, but somehow neatly enough so there isn't any confusion.

Each and every page is filled with suspense, and even a few surprises, such as another member added to the Cullen family, some unsuspected imprinting, and a few veiled abilities as well.


I'm unable to explain the whole plot, because it's so easy to ruin. But the Volturi feel that this new member of the Cullen's family is a threat to both humans and vampires, so they set out to destroy it. But the Volturi don't realize how dear this member is to the Cullens, and how much they'll go through to keep it alive.

No matter who you're a fan of, the end shouldn't be a disappointment.

I thought the book had a great plot line. That's probably why I was able to finish this book in a day, because each sentence made me yearn to read the next chapter. The novel wasn't all suspense though because Meyer was able to throw in some moments when you either cried or laughed.

I'd really recommend "Breaking Dawn" to fans.

To newcomers, I suggest starting at the beginning with "Twilight," "New Moon" and "Eclipse."

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