'Disaster Movie' story line not all that bad

September 16, 2008|By Brigitte Grewe/Pulse Correspondent

"Disaster Movie" was actually not a disaster despite what it says on the movie ticket.

If you're into a lot of random, witty jokes and your favorite TV and movie stars packed into an hour and a half movie, then "Disaster Movie" would bring you to tears of laughter.

At first, I thought the film was going to be like writers-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's other stupid burlesque movies "Meet the Spartans" and "Epic Movie." That's probably why I waited so long to see "Disaster Movie." But it was a free Friday night for all of my friends and from the look of the previews, we thought we'd give it a chance.

The movie starts off with a scene similar to "10,000 B.C.," with the main character running through the wilderness after his mammoth prey. The lighting was very comparable to the actual "10,000 B.C." movie. The costume artists even mastered D'Leh's attire, especially his dreadlocks.


After running into Beowulf, an Amy Winehouse look-alike comes out to explain about the end of the world involving the crystal skull from "Indiana Jones."

Actually, it was all a dream by the main character, Will (Matt Lanter), an overall average guy in his 20s. He believes the dream signifies the end of the world.

The movie is centered around Will and his girlfriend, Amy (Vanessa Minnillo). Throughout the movie, Will, Amy and friends Calvin (G. Thang) and Lisa (Kimberly Kardashian) meet many movie-based characters including Juney (a "Juno"-like character played by Crista Flanagan) and the Enchanted Princess (Nicole Parker).

The plot of the story mainly centers on Will trying to save Amy who was trapped under a fallen statue in the Museum of Natural History (a take on "Night at the Museum"). Having to escape many obstacles to get to the museum, all Will's friends accompany him to help save Amy and return the crystal skull to its shrine to save the world from its doom.

The end of the world story line is similar to "Cloverfield" in which everything starts shaking and meteors fall from the sky.

One of the funnier parts of the movie is during the meteor scene with a Hannah Montana-look-alike (played in a dual role by Flanagan). She's hit with a meteor and dies, but comes to life to promote her album before dying again, then coming back to life again. Flanagan was awful as Hannah Montana because she looked nothing like her except her imitation of Miley Cyrus' voice was actually believable.

By far though, the best actress is Nicole Parker who portrayed the Giselle character from "Enchanted." She and Justin Timberlake (Jonas Neal) make the movie truly hilarious. The special effects were great, especially the blood effects and how realistic they are.

I give a thumbs up for "Disaster Movie" and I recommend it to be seen with a group of friends.

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