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September 15, 2008

Last week's question:

Now that both major parties' political conventions are concluded, what, if anything, did you learn that will influence your vote?

o What they said in their acceptance speeches. - 8 votes (9 percent)

o Who their running mates will be. - 29 votes (32 percent)

o Which major figures in their parties support them. - 0 votes (0 percent)

o Whose spouse seemed the most sincere and down to earth. 1 vote (1 percent)

o I'm waiting for the debates. - 33 votes (36 percent)

o I really didn't watch much of the convention coverage. - 20 votes (22 percent)


o Posted by driver177
Elect a real man! and a REAL woman. McCain/Palin

o Posted by notlaffen
I learned that Senator McCain picked a woman who has no federal government experience, may never have been to Washington, D.C., just got her passport last year, and may only have visited three foreign countries, including Canada. She talks the talk on family values but she doesn't walk the walk. Senator McCain impulsively picked her after minimal vetting to get the votes of the dumbest of America's women. As for her energy expertise, she has none. But now she is an instant celebrity, something Senator McCain accused Senator Obama of being. Tragic.


This week's question:

It has been seven years since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. After that much time has passed, what do you feel about what happened and the aftermath?

o Americans have been too quick to forget those who lost their lives in those attacks.

o The veterans who came back with major injuries are likely to be ill-treated by the government and will have to fight, as others have, to get fair treatment.

o The security Americans have gained through various measures is not worth the freedom citizens have lost.

o The new security measures were necessary and have prevented additional attacks on American soil.

o Nobody I know was hurt or killed in events related to the attacks, so I haven't really thought a whole lot about it.

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