Sarah Palin has the 'wow factor'

September 13, 2008

To the editor:

One word sums up Gov. Sarah Palin's entry onto the national stage: Wow! Conservatives see her as a breath of fresh air, while liberals are stunned, as if hit by a taser gun; the Democratic elite and news anchors of T.V.'s "Big 3" (ABC, NBC and CBS), who are transparently "in the tank" for Obama, view Palin as a real political threat.

Even Oprah, the TV queen, has refused to have Palin, the GOP nominee for vice president, on her show. Why? Hmmm.

So much for the Fairness Doctrine, spearheaded by the liberals who want to silence conservative talk show hosts. Obviously, the Oprah audience, vastly soccer/hockey moms not steeped in politics, would likely be "wowed" by Palin as well. The Obama-endorsing Oprah, even for great TV ratings, cannot afford to take such a risk.


Surprisingly (even to this "news junkie"), the Republican convention was the most-watched convention on television ever, beating a standard set by the Democrats just a week earlier.

1. As a result, following her vice presidential acceptance speech, Gov.Palin is now more popular than both Obama and McCain, according to the more reputable pollsters.

2. And 51 percent of Americans believe that most reporters are trying to hurt Palin's chances of becoming the first woman vice president of the U.S., a fact that will enhance her campaign, according to Rasmussen (can you say backlash?).

2. And yes, Sarah "the barracuda," without a doubt, has more executive experience than does Obama, "the community organizer" of Chicago, where the murder rate now exceeds that of Iraq.

3. Though voting against the surge in Iraq (and the funding of our brave troops), Obama may want to call for a surge in Chicago ... I suppose that is what community organizers do (?).

What does this all mean, though, in the big scheme? I guess the "anointed one" may not be ordained after all ... particularly if those in the nation's heartland, those between New York City and San Francisco, have anything to say about it.

We already know how Alaska feels about it ... where Palin's job approval rating is eight times that of the U.S. Congress and about three times greater than President Bush's.

Obama may be pondering with worry, remembering that Hillary also, at one time, was the "shoe-in" who had the veritable "lock" on the presidency.

When one considers that Obama, at a young age of 47, has written two memoirs already, but has not written any major pieces of legislation to speak of, the recent words of Rudy Giuliani come to mind: "Change is not a destination, and hope is not a strategy!" You can have your "Hope" and "Change" ... Most Americans will gravitate to (or was it "cling to"?) "God, guns and country."

Jim Rosko

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