Wittington's phantom goal allows Indians to take Trojans' spirit

September 10, 2008|By CHRIS CARTER

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - According to the scorebook, Waynesboro junior Zach Wittington scored the go-ahead goal Tuesday night against Chambersburg.

Ask any Indian in uniform - including Wittington - and the score belonged to fellow junior David Eichenbrode.

"That was David. I didn't touch it," Wittington said following Waynesboro's 2-1 win at Trojan Stadium. "It was all him."

The play was anything but ordinary after Eichenbrode sent a free kick from beyond midfield into a mess of Indians and Trojans. The ball approached Chambersburg goalie Chris Whitten, who inched out of the box to retrieve the seemingly routine bounce.

But then it took a slight detour - perhaps off of a Waynesboro player - perhaps off Wittington, though he denied it - and hopped into the goal to give the Indians a 2-1 lead with exactly 28 minutes remaining.

"You see the ball bounce once or twice and you're like, 'What? Come on!'" said Chambersburg coach Mike Dent. "(Whitten) came for it and it kind of freakishly skimmed off a Waynesboro player. ... Something freaky."


Eichenbrode may have been in even more shock after learning that the ball got past the goalie and into the net. It would have been his first varsity goal - if it had been to his credit.

"I got the ball on the opposite half. I was just trying to get it to the post, get it to somebody to put it in," Eichenbrode said. "It was pretty awesome, especially from that half (of the field)."

The goal stood up for Waynesboro (3-0) which held off one last Trojans attack in the final minute. Zach Andrews had a corner kick knocked away before the ball made it to the foot of junior Justin Warren from 25 yards. But his shot bounced harmlessly into the hands of Indians goalie Michael Mowen as time expired.

"I don't know when the last time was that we got off to a start like this," said Waynesboro coach Doug Beckner. "(The players) know they can do it now. They're now starting to get the confidence they need to keep going."

Meanwhile, Chambersburg got on the board for the first time this season but failed to find its first win. Andrew Collier scored on a penalty kick to snap a season-opening streak of 278 minutes, 59 seconds without a goal.

Still, Chambersburg (0-4) is yet to hold a lead this season.

"We created some opportunities here and there," he said, "but we have to be able to keep the ball out of the net for an entire game, not just for a few periods of time."

Waynesboro's other score came just minutes into the game when the Johanssons connected. Pelle squirted the ball through a trio of defenders to his older brother Hampus, who found the net for a 1-0 lead.

By Joe Crocetta/Staff Photographer

Waynesboro's Pelle Johansson (12) advances the ball down field ahead of Chambersburg's Sergio Gonzalez (19).

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