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September 08, 2008

Last week's question:

Looking back, did the price of gas have an effect on your travel and vacation plans this summer?

o No. We took a cross- country car trip. (Nine votes - 3 percent)

o No. We worked the higher gas prices into our plans. (72 votes - 24.2 percent)

o Yes. We decided not to fly and stayed close to home. (14 votes - 4.7 percent)

o Yes. The gas prices and all the other skyrocketing prices kept us home. (92 votes - 32 percent)

o What's a "vacation?" (107 votes - 36 percent)

This week's question:

Now that both major parties' political conventions are concluded, what, if anything, did you learn that will influence your vote?

o What they said in their acceptance speeches.

o Who their running mates will be.

o Which major figures in their parties support them.


o Whose spouse seemed the most sincere and down to earth.

o I'm waiting for the debates.

o I really didn't watch much of the convention coverage.

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