Mail Call

September 08, 2008

"Congratulations to the four Hagerstown Lioness charter members who attained 30 years of perfect attendance: Marie Byers, Doris Fisher, Elaine Shank and Barbara Wagner." - Hagerstown

"Talk about the pot calling the kettle black - you'll have to love this. The Republican convention allowed Giuliani to speak, and cheered him, and Newt Gingrich was there. Egads." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Sarah Palin did a knockout job of her speech at the Republican convention and a real wonderful stage presence. However, the comment about the pit bull with the lipstick on is not something I think I want in the White House. It's just too reminiscent of the cowboy who promised to get bin Laden, dead or alive, which he still hasn't done." - Maugansville

"As a dog lover, I love the picture in The Herald-Mail of Levi, the Doberman pinscher, taking a Pooch Plunge at the Potterfield Pool. What a great thing to do for our beloved pooches. I'll be there next year at the pool to watch them plunge and play." - Clear Spring


"The Democrats got their payback when Gov. Palin gave the best speech ever in history. Now the Democrats are really in trouble because she has more experience and is even better than Obama, and she's just running for vice president." - Boonsboro

"For you that heard the vice president, the nomination for vice president from the Republican Party, don't get too excited, because the speech she's saying was written for her. She's reading off of a teleprompter. And I didn't hear one thing about foreign affairs, the children's health care, Social Security or none of the needs of the people. It's certainly gonna take more than that to be a vice president." - Hagerstown

"I'm a resident on Linwood Road in Hagerstown, and I think it is ridiculous the rate of speed that cars travel up and down that road. That's a residential neighborhood, and the speed limit's only supposed to be 25. We have two small children living in our house, and we fear for their life every day, even going to the bus stop in the morning. And the worst drivers are the Washington County school buses that fly up our road at least 40 mph. Everybody needs to learn to slow down on that road." - Hagerstown

"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she felt that Sen. Obama was sent by God to take care of us and I think we'd better listen to her because she's a brilliant lady." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"On Tuesday night at the Republican convention, they talked about community service and serving your country, and what a noble thing it was to do. I agree, but on Wednesday night, they attacked Barack Obama for his community service, for being an organizer and helping people in their communities better their lives. It seems the Republicans want to have it both ways. It's all right if they help the communities and religious groups help the communities through federal tax dollars." - Sharpsburg

"I don't agree with the person who said that Sarah has less experience than Obama. Sorry, but she's done more in her career than he has certainly done in his. He hasn't done anything while he was in the Senate and his state job was pretty dismal, too. And as for the person who asked if the Republicans are happy now, the answer is 'Yes, we are.'"

"I'm calling about Sarah Palin. I'm very disappointed in her speech. I'm 60 years old, I'm a Republican, have always voted Republican. This time my family and I have decided after her speech we will be voting for Obama. She came off as a bully. I thought she was very rude and arrogant. She's supposed to be a Christian. There was nothing Christian about her sound."

"I agree with the caller on Wednesday, Sept. 3, we do not need any more shopping centers in Hagerstown. Also, we have plenty of apartments and houses. I cannot see the need for more shopping areas when there are so many already existing that are vacant. I live in the northern section of Hagers-town and when I purchased my town home/condo, we were not informed of the proposed Stone House Square Shopping Center. If anything, they should have revitalized the Long Meadow Shopping Center, the way Frederick did to their 7th Street center. Also, the Cortland apartments are getting way too big." - Hagerstown

"I think I have heard the presidential candidates' proposals many times before from past candidates. Nothing has changed; they are still promising the same solutions to give us a utopian world. Gets old after years of the same story. Wouldn't it be nice to hear a candidate say 'I will try' or 'I would like to' instead of 'I am going to'? That's called honesty." - Greencastle, Pa.

"All this stuff about John McCain being bipartisan, and country first, and rah, rah, rah, God bless America - why is it he voted against the GI Bill? Could you explain that to me? He was a GI himself. Why did he vote against the GI Bill? Because the soldiers wanted to get out and he won't let them." - Hagerstown

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