Fish and game club hosts picnic on Potomac for the developmentally disabled

September 08, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

WILLIAMSPORT -- Bobby Wood of Hagerstown and Donnie Sweigert of Hancock spent part of Sunday afternoon on a relaxing boat ride on the Potomac River.

The two have been friends since they were 5 years old and work together at Goodwill Industries in Hagerstown. They also compete in the Special Olympics together, and are on bowling and volleyball teams.

They also participate in the annual picnic together at the Potomac Fish & Game Club in Williamsport. The event for developmentally disabled adults and children usually draws about 400 people, including family members.

Dick Humbert, a member of the Potomac Fish & Game Club and chairman of the event for 12 years, said he expected about that many to attend Sunday's picnic.


He organizes the event with his wife, Linda Humbert.

The Humberts said the club hosts the event to help the community and about 60 club members volunteer to help during the picnic.

"It gives you a good feeling every year," Dick Humbert said. "This is probably the best thing we do."

About 10 pontoon boats took participants on rides along the Potomac River. The slow rides went for about a half mile in both directions along the club's property.

Wood and Sweigert rode in Humbert's boat with several other people. The boat was driven by club member Douglas Tully, who said he has participated in the picnic each year since becoming a member about three years ago.

"Some of them you can't get off once they get on," Humbert said.

Ronnie Grove, of Hagerstown, brought her son, Craig Grove, to Sunday's picnic. Ronnie said they've been to the picnic for years and decided to take a boat ride before lunch that was provided during the event.

"The beauty of everything ... the trees, the rocks, everything ... the breeze blowing," Ronnie said. "I loved it."

Wood, 44, said he liked the boat ride, but once he was back on shore he turned his attention to a NASCAR race. He used Sweigert's portable radio to listen to the race and said he was hoping Dale Earnhardt Jr. would win.

Kathy Wood, Bobby's mother, said she brings her son to the Potomac Fish & Game Club picnic each year. She said her son enjoys the boat ride, hay ride and the dancing. There was a disc jockey at Sunday's event and Humbert said prizes would be given out for the dancers.

"They really should be commended for all they do," Kathy Wood said of the picnic organizers. "Every year we really look forward to it."

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