Deeds for August 2008

September 07, 2008

David A. and Janette C. Smidlein, 11133 Shalom Lane, Hagerstown, to Carl L. and Rosemarie G. Sheline, for $511,000.

Selena K. Gladhill, 8838 Mapleville Road, Boonsboro, to Jeremy Leatherman, for $295,000.

Donald E. II and Mary Kathleen Risser, 18802 Fountain Terrace, Hagerstown, to Richard J. Jr. and Paula A. Blake, for $745,000.

Donald L. Rice Jr., 431 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Donald R. Dickson, for $189,900.

Mansoor Emralshaool, 20510 Tehrani Lane, Hagerstown, to Toby D. and Mabelle M. Bereznay, for $600,000.

Pheulpin Enterprises LLC, 530 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, to James H. Crockett, for $118,500.

Jack C. and Cora E. Koontz, 20301 Barbara Drive, Hagerstown, to Adam K. and Beth A. Delauter, for $250,000.

Ralph L. Myers and Barbara I. Joy, 436/438 E. Washington St., Hagerstown, to Jordan Herd, for $250,000.

Manor House Builders LLC, 10217 Saddlebrooke Lane, Hagerstown, to Courtney B. Williams, for $334,900.

Historic Homes LLC, 1301 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to FMC Realty LLC, for $300,000.


Philp A. Breichner, 2015 Day Road, Hagerstown, to Sassan Emralshool, for $400,000.

Frances M. Hardy, 321 Avon Road, Hagerstown, to Tracie A. Weaver, for $176,000.

Amelia S. McClevey, 19812 Norstar Lane, Knoxville, to Michael P. Woodruff, for $295,000.

Emerald Pointe Inc., 19411 Sapphire Drive, Hagerstown, to Martin A. and Jeanine C. Kurtyka, for $308,250.

Polly Kuge, 11013 Shalom Lane, Hagerstown, to Timothy L. and Traci L. Carmical, for $465,000.

Daniel D. Jones, 947 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, to Brandon S. Cornwell, for $122,900.

Douglas E. and Patricia Wanzer, 16310 Ayrshire Court, Hagerstown, to Gordon F. Thomas, for $125,000.

Jeffrey N. Crampton, 820 Pope Ave., Hagerstown, to Daniel Avila, for $119,000.

Nancy L. Webber, 22335 Old Georgetown Road, Smithsburg, to Christopher Mentzer, for $150,000.

Ricky W. and Cindy M. Hart, 720 George St., Hagerstown, to Douglas B. and Shannon A. Herringtton, for $115,000.

Richard A. and Deloris I. Peirce, 18038 Lappan Road, Fairplay, to John A. and Susan R. Stoy, for $172,000.

Fairmount Real Estate Services LLC, Fallen Timber Circle, Hagerstown, to Keystone Custom Homes Inc., for $80,000.

Moi Tin Cho and Chun Ying, 1032 St. Clair St., Hagerstown, to David G. and Bobbi J. Ludwig, for $205,000.

Jerome and Jeanne C. Lynch, 6131 Vantage Court, Boonsboro, to Allen and Deborah Messersmith, for $375,000.

John Gordon and Ruth Marie Lewis, 114 W. Wilson Blvd. Hagerstown, to Debora D. Belair, for $149,000.

DR Horton Inc., 1055 Klick Way, Hagerstown, to Richard K. and Barbara S. Brooks, for $343,950.

Charlotte E. Trovinger, 1042 Brinker 102 Drive, Hagerstown, to Marye Zombro, for $90,000.

Ronald L. Parks, 10824 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to Doris Boyer, for $190,000.

Equity Trust Company Custodian, 433 Carrollton Ave., Hagerstown, to James D. White, for $91,500.

Cynthia L. Hammond Et Al, 12306 Delwood Ave., Hagerstown, to Lisha K. Wilson, for $140,000.

Gerald M. and Evie J. Burge, 16490 Spielman Road, Williamsport, to C. Thomas and Harriette I. Bowers, for $152,010.

Louis A. Capezuto, 13502 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, to Amy R. Martin, for $170,000.

Geoffrey B. and Norma J. Birch Et Al, 10335 Mar Rock Drive, Hagerstown, to Kendra D. Cornell, for $200,000.

Mark D. Harrell, 9711 Chapelwood Lane, Hagerstown, to Joseph and Jami Ralls, for $221,000.

MR Conrad, 13832 Ideal Circle, Hagerstown, to Paula W. Hrabec, for $441,731.

Jessica Statton, 1305 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Mark K. Risser, for $205,000.

BF Real Estate LLC, 650 Sunset Ave., Hagerstown, to Brian M. Gietka, for $225,000.

Bachtell Group LLC, 21946 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road, Smithsburg, to Ralph M. and Karen C. Cole, for $532,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 204 Burton Way, Boonsboro, to James R. and Barbara L. Webber, for $347,500.

K Hovnanian Homes of MD LLC, 160 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Matthew David Albright, for $304,611.

K Hovnanian Homes of MD LLC, 105 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Latonya E. Gutierrez, for $216,500.

K Hovnanian Homes of MD LLC, Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Jan C. Crespo, for $204,335.

R&J Builders Inc., 1224 Garst Court, Hagerstown, to Michael Mullinex, for $206,000.

Daniel B. and Joelle A. Ashley, 830 Dewey Ave., Hagerstown, to Raymond A. and Danni J. Calenoff, for $217,000.

Myrtle L. Smith, 8442 Mountain Laurel Road, Boonsboro, to James R. Williams Et Al, for $259,000.

Christopher S. Gamble, 321 Chartridge Drive, Hagerstown, to David C. Baker, for $270,000.

DRB Financial Corp., 32 Farragut Drive, Keedysville, to Deborah L. Good, for $320,389.

Richard D. Gilbert, 305 Hebb Road, Hagerstown, to Kenneth E. and Gwendolyn M. Winters, for $145,000.

Gerald W. and Linda M. Jones, 9919 Old National Pike, Hagerstown, to Christopher R. and Melissa D. Keller, for $384,900.

Robert E. Handzlik, 13103 Primrose Lane, Hagerstown, to Edgar E. IV and Williemae Newby, for $260,000.

Brandy L. Kershner, 26 Summer St., Hagerstown, to Jay H. Barrett, for $117,500.

E&J Contractors Inc., 821 Medway Road, Hagerstown, to Michael S. Yinger, for $211,000.

Paul Crampton LLC, 1203 Grand Legacy Drive, Hagerstown, to Victor L. Jr. and Louise S. Crist, for $352,500.

Lorraine Levinson, 106 Colton Court, Smithsburg, to Adam P. Pickett, for $295,000.

Kenneth P. Schlotterbeck, 17420 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Aaron W. and Jill C. Miller, for $255,000.

Joshua D. and Leslie A. Garvey, 23433 Fruit Tree Drive, Smithsburg, to Diana L. Bixler Et Al, for $245,000.

Carolny Diane Forsythe, 17512 York Road, Hagerstown, to Jamie L. Baker, for $145,000.

Emerald Pointe Inc., 19413 Sapphire Drive, Hagerstown, to Myrtle L. Smith, for $248,692.

Dolly A. McCarty, 1014 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to JMQZ Holdings LLC, for $154,935.

Michael A. and Nancy J. Reeder, 925 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Dawn Brooky, for $165,000.

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