Team is top priority for Hinton's effort

September 05, 2008|By BOB PARASILITI

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - When Chambersburg football coach Dave Carruthers talks about Swaine Hinton, the adjectives "fast," "versatile" and "elusive" come up, along with the nickname of "Eraser" when it comes to the defensive position he plays.

But for Hinton, there is only one descriptive word and one name he wants to be known by: Good and Teammate.

Hinton admits there are many goals that he'd like to fulfill in his senior year as a multifaceted player for the Trojans, but he also admits he won't get any of them if he doesn't work in harmony with his teammates.

"I guess my speed is important, but I understand the whole game," Hinton said. "I have to go hard on every play, even when I don't get the ball. Because I go hard on my part of the play, it opens something up for someone else."


It's a philosophy that Hinton, a 5-foot-11, 160-pound senior, will have to use while changing his many hats this season. He is scheduled to split time at receiver and wing in Chambersburg's wing-styled formation. On defense, he will be the safety - referred to as "The Eraser" by Carruthers, who says that's because there are times when that position needs to rub out the mistakes of others.

"Swaine is a speed guy," said Carruthers, who is in his third year with Chambersburg. "We can play him at receiver and in the slot because he is good at both and we don't have to be making a lot of changes. He is elusive when he gets the ball in the open field. He is a key factor, but there are a lot of good guys around him."

Working with the ball is the main benefit of his offensive positions, but Hinton has to do more than just run with the ball to make the Trojans effective.

"I have to read the keys," Hinton said. "I have to read the holes and the defense all the time and make sure I make the blocks. There are plays when we are running the ball and I'm out there as the lead blocker, so I have to make sure I do my job."

Still, giving Hinton the ball will probably be a key component of Chambersburg's offense. Carruthers said the offense is designed to get to the corners and edges of opposing defenses and to find space for the Trojans to roam freely.

"Our guys are great in space," he said.

The open spaces is where Hinton will be at his best. On offense, it's the time to accelerate. On defense, it's the chance to cover a lot of ground to stop opponents from scoring and as a kick returner, it's the chance to use all his attributes to make a big play for Chambersburg.

"The perfect play is our sweep," Hinton said. "That is the one where I'm running the ball. Coach wants us running to the numbers and then to the sideline. But the big thing is to keep moving forward. On every play, I want to get ahead, even if it is just for a couple of yards."

Xs & Os


Chambersburg wants to get "edgy."

Coach Dave Carruthers has the Trojans in a wing formation with a goal to create balance, while creating many situations in open space for big gains.

Chambersburg has a wealth of receivers with Colby Lehman, Swaine Hinton and wings Doug Kilpatrick and ConRoy Smith.

Doug Reese is the quarterback, returning after throwing five touchdowns last season, while Jason Ryder will be a new addition at tight end.

The front line will consist of Josh Miller, Tyler Fore and Brady Heefner at tackle; Seth Morris, James Miller and Zack Boone at guard and Emery Etter at center.


Speed is the key as the Trojans will play out of a 3-5-3 set, looking for the linebackers to provide a diverse pass rush.

"When you are on the move you play bigger," Carruthers said. "It makes it difficult to block with stunts."

That will put most of the pressure on the contingent of Kody Crider, Jon Ridings, Ramarr Jackson, Derek Burkhard, Brady Bumbaugh and Boone.

Sophmores Freddie Newton and Cory Johnson will share time over the ball at nose guard while Ryder and Fore will work at the ends.

Lehman and Kilpatrick will be the defensive backs while Hinton will be cast in the role of safety because of his ability to cover a lot of ground.

Special teams

Eric Jones returns in the dual role as soccer player and placekicker. "He has been kicking 45-yard field goals off the ground," Carruthers said.

Etters will serve as the long snapper while Lehman be the holder. Hinton will be one of the players used in kick returns.

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