A funny thing happened on the way to the gym

August 28, 2008|By DAVE LONG

Today I was supposed to be a Fitness Instructor by leading a spin class (cycling) at South Pointe gym.

Tomorrow I was going to be a waiter at Fratelli's restaurant.

And then next day it was my hope to be on talk radio to open this up even further.

Sunday was my final assignment: a sermon at my church.

Yes, I was willing to do all of those.

But all that changed. You see, I got a job. Actually, I had 4 offers in these last 36 hours.

Let me say right now that I have not been as coherent as I should have been during my selection process. This, unfortunately, has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Change is difficult. Another of my favorite quotes reads "people prefer the certainty of suffering over the suffering of uncertainty". (You have to say it a couple of times to grasp it).


Ultimately, I just wanted to make sure I didn't go through being jobless again. This was exceptionally difficult for me and my indecisiveness had me sleepless, compounding the problem. One minute, I was sure 'job A' was the best fit, the next minute, it was 'job B'. A local friend said it best when she wrote that "every time I make a decision for the betterment of others, it seems to bite me". I'm not sure how it applies in my case, but only time will tell.

Against my own advice, I feel obligated to share that I did a dumb thing in that I accepted 'job A', then was convinced 'job B' was a better fit. So I had to contact 'job A' to renege and I continue to feel bad about the whole disaster. At this point, most of you are probably asking "what was the hurry?!".

Well, the hurry was that 'job B' was to Teach and I had hours instead of weeks to prepare. Hours!

If I can allow myself one conclusion from this journey, I'd like to quote an article from Newsweek titled "I'm Sick of Your Dirty Job":

"What's annoying (about the shows 'Dirty Jobs', 'Deadliest Catch', etc) is how they suggest there's a fascinating character study happening beneath the surface. What makes someone do their job for a living? they seem to ask. We've got a theory: money, and lots of it. Want to see a really dangerous job? How about a (single mother) working for minimum wage at a big-box retail store who can't afford health insurance? Marvel as she scans groceries, aggravating the carpal tunnel for which she can't go to a doctor. It might not be as visually compelling a show, but it would certainly be more relevant".

The next time you see anyone at any job, don't be quick to judge them or overlook their part in our society.

Thanks to everyone for their support May the Force be with me.

Wish me luck on my next job as a teacher at Tech High with the Washington County Board of Education.

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