Pa. firings were a disgrace

August 26, 2008|By ANGELA M. GARLAND

Many people have been questioning me as to whether I had knowledge of what I believe is an unfair and unprofessional act of termination of employees by the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors.

Prior to my resignation, I had no knowledge that the supervisors would act in this manner and jeopardize the future of Antrim Township, its residents and our community.

I would never have taken part in this malicious treatment of my fellow co-workers. I am just as appalled and shocked as many community members are.

We (the former staff) have always been aware that some of the current supervisors ran for office due to personal vendettas and agendas against staff members and township ordinances.


However, Township Manager Ben Thomas and his dedicated staff of Antrim Township employees, including myself, worked relentlessly to serve its residents, complete the tasks we were hired to do while abiding by the laws and ordinances established to protect township property and the taxpayers.

It was our hope that these supervisors would learn and understand this after they were elected.

The six employees who have been terminated worked endlessly to make sure our township ran efficiently. It was such a pleasure working with each of them, which made it very hard to leave the township to start my new career.

These committed employees missed holiday gatherings with their families to make sure the roads were plowed for the residents, and counted and recounted to make sure every penny that was brought into the township and spent by the township was accounted for and justified.

In addition, our team researched laws and ordinances and consulted with other professionals to ensure that engineers designed and constructed projects to the standards that were in place so that the taxpayers would not have to correct these items years later. I would like to publicly thank all six of these individuals for your dedication and hard work and the love for the community that we call home.

I urge all the people of this community to hold the supervisors accountable for their actions and to not let the community suffer more than it has. Unfortunately, the decision to eliminate these positions was based on the Dhillon Management Study, which I believe was not thorough. During my very brief interviews with Dhillon about my role as zoning officer, he admitted to me that he did not review the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that the Township must follow and he was not interested in learning the details of my day-to-day tasks.

Staff had questions time and time again about the interviews that we had and how we felt Dhillon had no clue of what went on at Antrim Township.

Sadly, history was made on Thursday, Aug. 21, for Antrim Township residents, but the lesson everyone can take from this is to vote!

Angela M. Garland is a former Antrim (Pa.) Township Zoning Officer.

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