Wheels, wings draw crowds to Hagerstown airport

August 25, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN -- Many of the airplane enthusiasts with the Hagerstown Aviation Museum also have an interest in cars, said the museum's president, Kurtis Meyers.

"Cars and planes seem to go together," he said.

The organization decided to combine the interests of many of its members Sunday for its first airplane and car show at Hagerstown Aircraft Services at Hagerstown Regional Airport. The event was called Wings & Wheels, and drew about 600 people by midday.

Tracey Potter, president of Hagerstown Aircraft Services and vice president of the Aviation Museum, said the event "complements" the group's annual fly-in, which will be in October.

There were about 100 cars on display Sunday, including an orange 2008 Lamborghini convertible. There also were about 10 airplanes there.


Cody Burress, 21, of Greencastle, Pa., was showing his 2004 black Mustang Sunday. He said he enters his car in a lot of shows as a hobby.

In addition to his own car, Burress said he also liked a white Olds 455.

"It's just rare," he said. "The older cars are a lot better than the new ones these days."

Meyers said visitors voted on their favorite cars, and about 40 trophies were distributed to the winners.

Jack Fazenbaker, of Clear Spring, said he knew which car he would pick to win -- his own.

"I didn't hear them say we couldn't," he said. "If I had to pick my favorite car here, it's going to be mine."

Fazenbaker owns two 1973 Grand Torino Sport cars, and had the red one with him Sunday. He's owned the car for about seven years.

"I go to some of the car shows," he said. "It's a hobby. It makes me feel younger."

Fazenbaker said that he's never been to a show, like Sunday's, that had airplanes and cars. He said it was unique and he liked the change.

Potter said organizers were not expecting such a large turnout for Wings & Wheels, and are planning to make the car and plane show an annual event.

The $10 registration fee for car owners Sunday went to the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, a nonprofit organization.

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