Being schooled

August 24, 2008

Scott Thomas, 41, of Hagerstown has been an underwater photography hobbyist for several years. Here is a collection of photos he shot while on a dive in February in Fiji.

Photos by Scott Thomas


Scott Thomas shot this close encounter of a shark in the waters off Fiji. He says he has never had any close calls with the large animals.

Thomas got this rare straight-on shot of a angel fish in Fiji.

The fish on the left looks a little surprised to see a pair of its striped friends.

A clown fish, the type made popular by the animated movie "Finding Nemo," finds a hiding place among the coral in Fiji.

Scott Thomas caught this view of a nudibranch, a slow-moving bottom dweller, while in the waters of Fiji.

A school of fish is captured by the lens of Scott Thomas during a dive in Fiji.

Sometimes sea life camouflages itself to look like something else. For instance, this looks like it should be coral, but is actually a crown-of-thorns star fish.


Among the coral in Fiji is an angel fish.

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