Restaurant inspections for July 2008

August 24, 2008
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Panera Bread, 17772 Garland Groh Blvd., Hagerstown - ice scoop stored improperly (corrected); knives and food scoop cannot be in hand sink (corrected); license must be posted (corrected); area around trash area must be cleaned; inadequate air gap at three-compartment sink; choking poster must be displayed.

Rocky's New York Pizza, 22052 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg - paper towels needed at hand sink and in basement (corrected); soap needed at three-compartment sink (corrected); missing light bulb must be replaced (corrected); mold on double-door refrigerator must be removed (corrected); water must be removed from refrigeration unit (corrected); exhaust hoods must be cleaned; missing baseboard must be replaced; missing vent cover in restroom must be replaced; gaskets and tops of all units must be cleaned; floor repairs needed; basement ceiling must be repaired; equipment must be commercial grade.

7-Eleven, 19340 Leitersburg Road, Hagerstown - inadequate lighting in walk-in cooler; evidence of rodent infestation; inadequate air gap at three-compartment sink; floors must be cleaned.


Sheetz, 18751 Longmeadow Road, Hagerstown - choking poster must be displayed (corrected); floors must be cleaned; hand sink must have soap; missing baseboard must be replaced.

Smithsburg Volunteer Fire Company, 66 N. Main St., Smithsburg - dishwasher temperature inadequate; wood surfaces must be smooth and cleanable.

Snack Plus, 824 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown - food cannot be stored above sink; employee personal items cannot be stored in kitchen; unused equipment must be removed or repaired; surfaces must be smooth and cleanable; choking poster must be displayed; floors must be cleaned; ice scoop improperly stored; proper chemical test strips must be available.

Spickler's Market, 17 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown - liquid at bottom of freezer unit must be removed (corrected); chicken cannot be stored above pork in floor unit (corrected).

Stadium Grill and Tavern mobile unit, Hagerstown - state license must be posted.

Star Community, 13757 Broadfording Church Road, Hagerstown - inadequate air gap at ice machine (corrected); freezer temperature must be adjusted; leak under freezer must be repaired.

Subway, 491 Prime Outlets Blvd., Hagerstown - employee personal items cannot be stored on shelves with food (corrected); interior of ice machine must be cleaned; inadequate air gap at soda machine/ice bin; inadequate air gap at hand sink.

Webster B. Harrison American Legion Post 26, 240 E. Main St., Hancock - hand sink cannot be blocked (corrected); hand soap needed at hand sink (corrected); missing light bulbs must be replaced (corrected); hot water must be restored at hand sink; repairs needed on bottom of refrigerator and in wall of back storage area.

Williamsport Volunteer Fire Company ice cream unit, Byron Memorial Park, Williamsport - chemical test strips must be available.

The following food service establishments had no violations in July: Broadfording Christian Academy, 13535 Broadfording Church Road, Hagerstown; Cedar Ridge Children's Home/School, 12146 Cedar Ridge Road, Williamsport; Conococheague Junior and Senior Leagues, Ball Park Drive, Hagerstown; Conococheague Little League, Byron Memorial Park, Williamsport; Country Crossroads Store, 14409 Hollow Road, Hancock; Country Inn and Suites, 17612 Valley Mall Road, Hagerstown; 1878 Trail Inn, 10 W. Main St., Hancock; Francis Murphy Senior Site, 20014 Rosebank Way, Hagerstown; G&G Grill, 200 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown; Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex, 580 Security Road, Hagerstown; Joppey's Smokin' Bar B Que (Ag Expo concession), 17803 Walker Circle, Boonsboro; Maugans I-Mart BP, 18403 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown; Pearl's Homemade Goodies, Washington County Farmers Market, Hagerstown; Smithsburg Senior Center, 29 Blue Mountain Estates, Smithsburg; Starland Roller Rink, 800 Park Road, Hagerstown; Subway, 11 N. Main St., Boonsboro; Valley Concessions (Ag Expo concession), 13502 Loy Wolfe Road, Smithsburg; and Weis Market, 700 Chase Drive, Boonsboro.

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