Date for opening bids on North Hagerstown track restoration extended

August 21, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN -- The date for opening bids for the Mike Callas Stadium track restoration has been extended to Aug. 28, said Washington County Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Boyd Michael.

The original deadline was set for today. Written notice was provided to potential bidders Wednesday, allowing them additional time to prepare their bids, a press release stated.

There is no suitable running surface at North Hagerstown High School now. Craig Paving Inc., which was responsible for building the track, completed a high school track at the school's Mike Callas Stadium, but school system officials have said they expected a track that could have been approved for NCAA events.

School officials also said that discussions with representatives of Craig Paving are continuing.

Washington County Public Schools has been seeking bids for both an NCAA-approved track and a high school track. The key difference between the two involves the slope of the running surface.


Building an NCAA-approved track at North High would involve tearing up portions of the existing track and building a new running surface, The Herald-Mail has reported. That work has been estimated at $750,000.

Michael said that some potential bidders needed additional time, so officials decided to extend the deadline.

"We had some bidders that said more time would be helpful to prepare their bid," he said. "Since we are continuing to negotiate with Craig (Paving), we decided to extend the bids."

Michael said it is typical to get most, if not all, bids on the day they are due. He said the deadline was not extended because of a lack of bidders.

Companies typically wait until the last moment before bidding to make sure they capture to latest cost of building materials in their bids, Michael said.

"We had a short timeline to begin with on the bids," he said. "We were pushing it pretty tight to begin with."

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