Mail Call

August 21, 2008

"This is in response to the Federal Little League getting that $10,000. The question isn't whether you should give it to those kids, or any kids, but which kids do you give the $10,000 to? Why only them? There are plenty of county kids that go on to regional championships. Where does it start, where does it stop? Why is it only those kids?" - Boonsboro

"I wish the Humane Society would have advertised their dog wash and rabies clinic more widely. I was not aware of it until reading about it, after the fact, in the newspaper. In these difficult financial times, people need breaks like this to be able to care for their pets' health. The Health Department only offers rabies clinics twice a year, and it would be great to have this service more often, especially with the rise in incidents in rabies in summertime." - Hagerstown


"In my opinion, it would be a better idea for DOC to limit contact with all the visitors before strip searching the employees." - Hagerstown

"As a CO, I'm held responsible for my actions inside of the prison setting, and outside of the prison setting in my personal life. I can be verbally reprimanded, up to being fired and criminally prosecuted for any and all of my actions. I'm aware of this, I accept this, this is how it should be, this keeps order. Now with that said, who will be held responsible for the recent blunder at MCTC? Sadly, I think I know what will happen. The administration will come out and say new regulations need to be written. The old ones were not clear enough. No action against of the involved parties, all swept under the rug and forgotten about. Status quo, or just a sad fact."

"I live in Hancock, and I travel I-70, east and west, on Sunday. I know this isn't gonna be put in the paper, but I'll say it anyway. The cops need to be on I-70 in the morning hours, like say 9 a.m. to 12 noon or something, or 4 to 6 in the evening, because people's running 75, 85, 90 mph. They passed me this morning ... They need to stop this speeding." - Hancock

"I want to tell you about a recent trip up to Harrisburg, Pa., on Sunday, Aug. 17. I had to stop and get gas, and it was $3.59, credit or debit, but the kicker is it was ... it was 7 cents off, it was $3.52 if you paid cash, pre-pay. I said 'oh my, what a lovely idea.' Money talks." - Hagerstown

"I'm reading the Morning Herald on Monday, Aug. 18. I see where one of the County Commissioners made the front page. He conveniently stepped out of the room when the vote was taken for Federal Little League. Now he's on the front page complaining about things, and what he would do. So why did he step out of the room?" - Hagerstown

"We are blessed to have school employees who mandated 14 different starting times for our 25 elementary schools, and five different starting times for our six middle schools." - Rohrersville

"Lewis Metzner's attitude against saving $60,000 by combining the municipal election with state elections is typical of what is so wrong with government today. A councilperson's first priority should be 'How can we save taxpayer money', not 'Is it worth it?' Hagerstown, your taxes are never going to drop with such an attitude. Wouldn't it be nice if all you people trying to pay your taxes could ask the same question, 'Is it worth it?'"

"Legislators have cited rising health costs as the reason for raising taxes on cigarettes. It's obvious that the producers of liquor have those same legislators in their hip pocket - ignoring liver disease, vehicle accidents, and alcoholism."

"Perhaps West Virginia's ATV drivers will have fewer accidents if they are required to have a Supercrat (Supervising Bureaucrat) accompanying them on each ride. Supercrats should be grandmothers at least 65 years of age, and would always drive from the back seat." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I have no relatives or friends in the Federal Little League, but I am really excited about the team, and I'm thanking the Lord for them, and I just pray they will go all the way. If they don't, they've done a great job. Also I'd like to see the men from the 1960 Series and the league team together, with a picture in the paper. That would be really great." - Hagerstown

"I called last week about Hagerstown not having any kind of dental program for people who can't afford dental insurance. I think it's a shame you didn't print it, and there's not one dentist in Hagerstown who does not have the sympathy for these people, to try to help them get dental work done."

"Congratulations to the 14-year-old PONY League team, who advanced to the PONY League World Series. This was a fine group of young men, and we're very proud of the way they conducted themselves, both on and off the playing field. Also, many thanks to Steve Berger, the manager, and his coaches. It was a wonderful experience." - Williamsport

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