Mail Call

August 19, 2008

"We certainly have a lot of sick, paranoid people that must have made a lot of enemies in this life, referring to the one that wanted Verizon to trace all their calls for free, because their nonpublished number was published by accident. Did you ever think that maybe somebody just dialed the wrong number by accident? I get that all the time - but I can say one thing about the older people, if they dial a wrong number, they at least have the courtesy to say 'I'm sorry, I dialed the wrong number', where you get some of the younger ones, they just sit on the line and then they hang up." - Hagerstown

"Europeans can buy cars that run on natural gas, from at least eight automakers, but despite large reserves of this relatively inexpensive fuel in the U.S. ... backing pricier biofuels as a way to lessen dependence on imported oil. Why don't we have the option of purchasing vehicles that run on natural gas? Once again, Europe is ahead of the U.S." - Hagerstown


"To the caller from Maugansville who had a message for travelers and 'the truth' on what gas prices should be: They should be aware that crude oil prices make up about 60 percent of the price of gasoline. While crude came down about 24 percent, the cost of refining, transporting and the 44 cents in excise taxes on each gallon did not come down. All things being equal, if crude drops 24 percent, gas can be expected to drop about 15 percent. If the liberals in Congress would vote to allow drilling, the price of both oil and gas would drop, even before the first drilling is started." - Williamsport

"This is in response to employees at MCTC being strip searched. First, any ole Joe can get a positive result for traces of drugs, just by touching money that your local drug dealer used to pay for his lunch at McDonald's. Secondly, why are employees the first place the DOC looks when there is a contraband problem? Why has the issue of inmate visits not been addressed? Most all inmate visits are contact visits. Visitors have been caught passing contraband on many occasions. Why has the state not implemented a non-contact visiting policy? Clear Plexiglas with a phone on either side. Inmates can still see and talk to family, but no contact where contraband can be passed. It is time to fix this problem and stop ignoring the real culprits." - Hancock

"Everyone hired by the Division of Corrections is told that they are subject to strip search at any time they are at work. The problem is that nonuniformed personnel were searched this time, not just uniformed officers. They think they are above this sort of thing. Guess not." - Sharpsburg

"I do not have sympathy for people abandoning their pets, but there is another side to the coin. Pet food has risen well over 50 percent since 2006. Pet toys' prices have gone through the roof. What cost maybe 25 cents made in China is $3.99 at pet stores." - Washington County

"This is for the administration of MCTC. Have you ever thought that maybe the inmates might be responsible for the drugs coming into the institution? Just a thought. Maybe you should think about that."

"In regards to the You Said It column about the 12 dogs being seen at the peach festival and not one person had a bag with them in case their dog had an accident, didn't the person who complained think they could have had a bag in their pocket or pocketbook? When I take any of my three little dogs anywhere, that's what I do. All some people want to do is find a reason to complain about something." - Smithsburg

"Them poor people in Georgia, I feel so sorry for them. I think the U.S. should take our military and go over there and drive them Russians right out of that country. Wait a minute - whoops - that's right, half our military is in Iraq. Sorry, Georgia. Good luck to you." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to complain about the loose gravel that they're putting all over the roads in southern Washington County. Also, there's no lines on the road; no middle line, no side line, and when it's dark and it's foggy and it gets like pea soup down here, that was the only way I could guide myself through these foggy roads when I leave for work early in the morning. Now what am I supposed to do with no guidelines?" - Southern Washington County

"Now it all makes sense to me why tax is so high in Washington County. We have to pay for bonehead ideas like tar-and-chip in southern county roads, that are already worn through so we see the old lines already. The potholes are back, so we're just spending money, our taxpayers' money, frivolously like this, and not to mention how dangerous it is for a motorcyclist to drive on these roads, when the loose gravel is all in the corners, all rippling through the roads."

"I now know what the senator from Illinois Obama means by 'We need change'. If he is elected president, that's all we're going to have left in our pockets, due to his call for tremendous tax increases." - Halfway

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