Rubber ducks float their way to a record in Greencastle

August 18, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- Michael Phelps led by a wing on Sunday afternoon before someone picked him up and threw him farther beyond the front of the pack.

That's one way to win a race.

The Phelps moving through the waters of the Conococheague Creek did not capture the world's attention with perfect 8-for-8 gold medal performances last week. Instead, it was the Olympic athlete's likeness -- well, as much as can be re-created on a yellow rubber duck -- that turned out for a swim benefiting the American Cancer Society.

"Maybe next year we can get the real Michael Phelps to come," Chris Ardinger said.

The 19th annual Duck Derby set its own record, albeit not one involving a medal stand or national anthem. Instead, Ardinger smiled broadly when announcing the number of community-purchased ducks: 2,600.

"That's the most tickets we've ever sold," he said.

Ardinger, co-chairman of the event, expected the annual donation to the cancer society to jump from its usual $9,000 to about $16,000.


The first duck to cross the finish line earned $500 for Trace Bender. The prize amount was donated by Susquehanna Bank.

The last duck to cross the finish line netted $250 for Joey Rutledge. That prize was donated in memory of Harold and Kay Phillips.

Caitlin Eshleman, 8, of Greencastle, watched as the rubber ducks moved through the waters with the assistance of Boy Scout Troop 99. She reported being unable to spot hers among the crowd.

The girl had success with the games available for children.

"I won like four shirts and two beads (necklaces) and two bags," Caitlin said.

Wesley Beaver, 6, of Waynesboro, Pa., won Silly Putty when he picked a duck from a baby pool.

Marlee Ecton, 5, of Greencastle, rode a brown horse brought to the event by the Chambersburg (Pa.) 4-H Club. She was joined by her mother, Carol Ecton, and grandmother, Sally Shelly of Mercersburg, Pa.

"Nana" purchased duck tickets for the family.

"I had gotten them before when they had it at the Martin's Mill Bridge. It benefits cancer services, and different people have them around for sale," Shelly said.

19th annual Duck Derby winners

1. $500 donated by Susquehanna Bank: Trace Bender

2. $100 gift certificate from Wilma's Photography: Marge McLaughlin

3. $100 gift certificate from Wilma's Photography: Lindsey Helfrick

4. $100 cash donated by Valley Quarries: Lindsey Sutton

5. $100 savings bond from Orrstown Bank: Lucy Witmer

6. Two beginner ski packages from Whitetail Resort: Kathy Everetts

7. $75 gift certificate from Reliable Home Furnishings: Ivan Mumma

8. Free front-end alignment from Highland's Tire: Jason Shatzer

9. $50 cash donated by Bell Insurance: Valerie Melius

10. $50 cash donated by American Legion Post 517: Ruth Eckstine

11. $50 savings bond from 1st National Bank of Greencastle: Sam Swanger

12. $50 gift certificate from Orchard's Restaurant: Tina Effland

13. $50 gift certificate from Nick's Airport Inn: Harold Lindsay

14. $50 gift certificate from Colony House Furniture: Jerrie Coby

15. Designer vase from Harmon's Furniture Store: Korissa Myers

16. $30 cash from B&B Pet & Food Center: Ronnie Myers

17. $30 gift certificate from Sunnyway Diner: Charles Fleet

18. $30 gift certificate from The Cottage Pub & Restaurant: Julia Blum

19. $30 gift certificate from Bob Evans Restaurant: Kathy Reedy

20. "Bread for a Year" card from Panera Bread: Christy Wolff

21. Dinner for two at Mountain Gate Restaurant: David Angle

22. Meal for two gold card from Cracker Barrel: Susan Thomas

23. Dinner for two at Bonanza Steakhouse: Patricia Hoover

24. Dinner for two at Foot of the Mountain Restaurant: Robert Stoler

25. $25 gift certificate from Nevin's Furniture: Wanda Frain

26. $25 gift certificate from Nevin's Furniture: Cathy Knepper

27. $25 gift certificate from Red Lobster: Rose Mellott

28. $25 gift certificate from Posies & Pretties: Patricia Hoover

29. $25 gift certificate from Kline's Grocery: Katrina Quivers

30. $25 gift certificate from Sheetz: Sue Angle

31. $25 gift certificate from E.L.M. Shoe Store: Lorna Toms

32. $25 gift certificate from E.L.M. Shoe Store: Sharon Singer

33. $25 gift certificate from Uno's Chicago Grill: Austin Kauffman

34. $25 gift certificate from Casey's Bar & Grill: Kerry Rouzer

35. Two free large pizza coupons from Pizza Hut: Fran Cordell

36. Two free large pizza coupons from Pizza Hut: Robert Zeis

37. 50 free wings from Ponderosa Steakhouse: Michael Hurley

38. 50 free wings from Ponderosa Steakhouse: Sherry Rowland

39. $20 gift certificate from Kenny's Drive Inn: Amy Kobiako

40. $250 cash in memory of Harold & Kay Phillips: Joey Rutledge

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