Young Boonsboro sisters spread Christianity on other continents

August 18, 2008|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

BOONSBORO -- Alexie and Paige Flook traveled far from their Boonsboro home this summer to spread Christianity.

Alexie, 17, went to Ethiopia with a group called Global Expeditions.

Paige, 15, was in Peru through Focus on the Family's Brio Missions program.

Their father, Brian Flook, said it's important to get a wide understanding of the earth's places and people. "When you live anywhere and think that's the world, it's dangerous," he said.

Alexie and Paige went to Peru together last year, also with Brio Missions.

They performed an "evangelistic drama," a show with a Christian message. Their group went to parks and villages, and invited local residents to watch.

"You'll minister in schools and poverty-stricken neighborhoods," a Brio Missions Web site says. "You'll help churches and villagers with much-needed work projects like painting, moving dirt, washing windows -- whatever needs to be done. Most importantly, you'll share the hope of Jesus Christ with hurting individuals who DESPERATELY need the Gospel."


Paige said her group started with a training session in Miami, then spent almost two weeks in Peru.

Participants gave away clothes and toys to children, and helped them in simpler ways, such as washing their hair.

Alexie said she liked last year's program, but wanted to travel longer than two weeks this year.

And she wanted to go to Africa.

"It's one of those exciting places that needs God," she said.

In Ethiopia, Alexie also acted in a play. Others in her group organized vacation Bible schools.

She said this year's trip was more tumultuous than last year's because her group preached Christianity in areas with Greek Orthodox influence. Opponents threw rocks at the group, which was protected by guards.

"If there ever was a dangerous situation, they got us out," Alexie said.

Both girls said they saw poverty and misfortune.

Some homes in Peru were made of cardboard, Paige said.

Alexie's group stayed at an orphanage.

"As soon as you walk in, they'd cling to you," she said.

Paige, who will be a sophomore at Boonsboro High School, said she's interested in criminal justice.

Alexie is entering her senior year at Boonsboro High. She's thinking about studying journalism in college.

Next year's Brio Missions trip will be to Guatemala, Paige said. She'd like to go.

Alexie -- who also has gone on a three-week tour of Europe with a group called People to People -- is considering traveling with Brio Missions again.

Or she might try a mission trip to an edgier destination, such as Iran.

"I'm into adventure," she said.

"We've always tried to make our girls independent," Brian Flook said. "I think we've succeeded."

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