Deeds from July

August 10, 2008

John and Mary C. Sytch, 16621 National Pike, Hagerstown, to Resley Holdings LLC, for $200,000.

MV Phoenix LLC, 19103 Red Maple Drive, Hagerstown, to Sonja T. Hunter, for $416,790.

Annie E. Newlin, 11933 Heather Drive, Hagerstown, to Emy P. Delgado Et Al, for $135,000.

Matthew A. and Lou Ann McIntosh, 14121 Strite Road, Hagerstown, to Thoms M. and Sharon R. Putnam, for $229,000.

David P. and Kristina L. Creamer, 14 E. Water St., Smithsburg, to Roberto G. Gonzalez Jr., for $172,000.

Christopher J. Bowers, 19521 Elk Ridge Drive, Keedysville, to Jonathan Osborne Yommer, for $274,000.

Michael Lee and Marvette M. Noel, 4913 Western Pike, Hancock, to Lynn R. and Sandra E. Largent, for $284,000.

Paul D. and Darlene McCarty, 13810 Big Pool Road, Clear Spring, to Tracey L. Sease, for $200,000.

Fire Co. Maugansville, Maugansville Road, to DDS LLP, for $350,000.

Esther R. Carver, 530 Dunn Irvin Drive, Hagerstown, to Tyler R. Allamong, for $133,500.


Josh Robins, 1200 Wayne Ave., Hagerstown, to Thomas Franklin Finley 4th, for $205,000.

Robert James Dompka, Trustee, 2 Hillside Road, Hancock, to Caye L. Suarez, for $105,000.

Timothy R. and Tracy L. Lewis Et Al, 411 Freemont St., Hagerstown, to Penny Morgan, for $103,500.

Brian and Stacey Kimmel, 43 Village View Court, Keedysville, to Starlett Leatherman, for $346,900.

Camille L. Turgeon, 112 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Krystal Wolfe, for $87,500.

M.V.B. Bostetter Jr., 520 Salem Ave., Hagerstown, to Joseph N. and Kara M. Rice, for $170,000.

Joyce M. Zitterbart, 1227 Grand Legacy Drive, Hagerstown, to Edward W. J. and Joan M. Harris, for $222,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18262 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Marisa E. Hardy, for $190,353.

Patricia A. McConiga, 159 SunBrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Mary Elaine Carpenter, for $189,900.

Joann K. Martz, Trustee, 12202 Cedar Crest Ave., Hagerstown, to Kimberly A. Martin, for $232,000.

James W. and Ada P. Jones, 220 S. Conococheague St., Williamsport, to David and Betty Carroll, for $205,000.

Valhalla Investment Limited, 18604 Wagaman Road, Hagerstown, to Walter C. and Kelly J. Klein, for $249,900.

Sherry Arias, 360 S. Cleveland Ave., Hagerstown, to Philip A. and Bethany M. Meier, for $141,000.

Per CCC Investments LLC, 928 Harwood Road, Hagerstown, to Donnis J. Ashby, for $180,000.

Dawn M. Gossard, 8621 Downsville Pike, Williamsport, to Georgia A. Vaughn, for $200,000.

Robert E. and Maureen R. Taylor, 16828 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, to Richard Lee Young Sr., for $120,000.

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