Doc's son arraigned in break-in at office

August 09, 2008

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A Martinsburg urologist's 25-year-old son who allegedly was looking early Friday for Xanax in the medical office building where his father practices told police he fell through the ceiling from the attic while looking for a saw.

Zachary Allan Recht of Inwood, W.Va., was arraigned Friday afternoon by Berkeley County Magistrate Joan V. Bragg on a felony count of entering without breaking.

Bragg set a $25,000 bond for Recht, who on Friday was in Eastern Regional Jail, according to court and jail records.

Martinsburg Police Department officers found Recht in the Briarwood Professional Building at 1004 Sushruta Drive after responding to a building alarm at 3:31 a.m, according to a news release.


The defendant told police he was there to retrieve tools he left in the attic and to retrieve some files for his father, according to a complaint filed by Martinsburg Police Department patrolman E.L. Chrisman.

His father refuted those claims and discovered a bottle of medication missing from the lock box in his office, according to Chrisman's complaint.

Zachary Recht was found with three knives and a medication bottle containing four 10 milligram tablets of Diazepam, Chrisman said.

The man's father told police that the set of building keys they found on the bathroom sink of his office belonged to his wife, Chrisman said.

Zachary Recht entered the building through the front door and fell through the ceiling in the reception area of another doctor's office, Chrisman said.

Upon initially searching the building, police found a set of unfolded stairs leading to the attic, but didn't find Recht.

In the attic, police found a large hole in an attic wall that led to another attic space where another smaller hole was found, Chrisman said.

Chrisman said in his complaint that he and another officer could not fit through the second hole while wearing their duty belts and vests.

After leaving the building, another officer, who was monitoring the back side of the building, spotted a flashlight in one of the offices. That ultimately led police to Recht, Chrisman said.

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