Mail Call

August 08, 2008

"Congressman Bartlett is always scaring us about the death taxes, estate taxes. No one will pay estate taxes unless you have over a million dollars. Children used to pay 1 percent, but now they pay nothing in the state of Maryland." -- Williamsport

"Hats off to the good folks that cleaned up the carnival lot, parking areas and walkways for the Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Department Carnival Days. I walked by on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. and noticed all the paper plates, cups, straws, etc. on the ground in the above mentioned areas. I walked by the same areas at 10:30 after church, and it was absolutely spotless. Thank you, thank you, thank you. " -- Clear Spring

"Kudos to the Hagerstown PONY 'A' All-Star team, coached by Ed Kipe. You may have lost your games in the east zone tournament, but you're still No. 1 to your Hagerstown fans." -- Hagerstown


"I would like to say that I agree with Bob Maginnis' editorial this morning concerning Miss Cromer, of her not having any charges against her. Yeah, unless there's a lot of evidence, maybe I think the police department should maybe start tape recording these people whenever they stop them. Maybe the police should start carrying a little recorder along with them and then tape the conversation they have with these people they stop." -- Greencastle, Pa.

"Regarding the op ed article by Bob Maginnis about the council should find a way to jump-start the project to bring more residents with disposable income to live in Hagerstown, downtown, has the editor lived downtown? Some evening, navigate the streets of the South End, and see what's become of this town, and who occupies the buildings ... my personal experience amounts to bums sitting on the porches, filthy sidewalks, barking dogs, and dog feces, limited parking, partying and live music with ample bad language."

"It sure would be nice if people that were smokers wouldn't throw their cigarette butts out the window, all over Salem Avenue. What a mess. Smokers give themselves a bad name. Throw your cigarette butt in the ashtray. That's what it's there for." -- Hagerstown

"I just don't get it. I keep seeing pictures of the Olympic stadium in China, and it's just not very attractive to me. Am I the only one that thinks that? It reminds me of a children's book I read when I was growing up, about a giant ball of string." -- Keedysville

"I would like to thank the County Commissioners for giving our kids money. The more money you give to our kids, the less you will have to give to the prisons. Thanks again for taking care of the kids of Washington County. P.S. Wake up, complainers." -- Hagerstown

"I think the Little League should have the $10,000 in federal money. I'd rather see a child go for baseball than be out here selling drugs on the street. At least these children are interested in something good and clean, and the parents are backing them up. So I say 'Go, boys, go'. And I certainly would rather see the money spent on Little League, because Congress is cleaning us out anyway, on their pet projects, like the million dollars Hillary got, commemorating Woodstock, up in New York." -- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Just about anyone who has a 401(k) plan, an IRA, or is invested in the markets probably has some energy stock. No one likes the high energy prices; however, the worst thing that could be done now would be to raise windfall profit taxes on oil companies. All they would do is pass it along to the consumer."

"I'm calling about the bricks being laid in the Arts & Entertainment district on South Potomac Street in Hagerstown. I was just wondering, why do they not use water when they cut these bricks? They've been cutting them for a year now, and all the smoke just goes up, makes a big mess out of everything. And being in the tool industry, I know if you put water on a saw when you cut, it would eliminate the problem." -- Halfway

"Lady, I agree with you. Closed off or not, it's still a public sidewalk. Most of our elected officials must be drinkers, because they approve all the things involving alcoholic drink. Remember the story about a person that said 'If I can't have my activity in the square, I won't have it.' So permission was given to block off an area for him. He just had to make a threat to get his way. Try having the square blocked off for anything religious, and without alcohol, and it will not be allowed."

"I just read the funds distributed from the Washington County Gaming Commission. Why do some Little League baseball teams get more than others? And Federal Little League, you did get $3,000 from them." -- Hagerstown

"It's called ethics, folks. Does it require a doctorate in philosophy/ethics to understand you should not be advocating giving $10,000 of county money to an organization in which your family participates? Wonderful." -- Hagerstown

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