Mail Call

August 07, 2008

"I do not have a child who plays for Federal Little League; in fact, I don't even live in that district, but I think it is a very sad situation that some adults are begrudging these 11- and 12-year-old children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The hotel/motel tax money was to be used for a new Suns stadium, one that has never come to exist, and that tax money has been used for many different things since it went into effect. So why not send some well-deserving children to represent our town nationwide? "-- Williamsport area

"I think it is so unfair for a farmer to sell so-called farm-fresh, homegrown vegetables, when there's a truck there they are unloading from the Eastern Shore. I saw them unload the truck. It was not local homegrown. I tried the vegetables, and was very disappointed." -- Sharpsburg

"To all the people who think Colonial Park is a shortcut to Robinwood: The red signs you come upon spell 'Stop.'"


"The Clear Spring carnival was great, but the music was entirely too loud. It's not just all for the young people. There are older people there, too. Tone it down next year, so you can still keep the older people coming." -- Clear Spring

"Do the taxpayers realize that the school board wants the bus drivers to run their buses Aug. 19, to take sixth-graders to middle school, ninth-graders to high school? Why wasn't that done the last week of school? All this extra money does not need to be spent."

"I'm calling about the Federal Little League and the $10,000. I believe that they should get that money. The last team that got to this point was back in 1968, and that was the National League. Little League is the future, and people should stand up for them. Support Little League Baseball. Give them a break." -- Hagerstown

"Today is Aug. 4, and the high was 84 degrees today. But back in 1930 it was 104. Now is that global warming, or was it just a hot day?" -- Hagerstown

"I have two things to say. No. 1, to the County Commissioners: Where is the $10,000 for the PONY League in Hagerstown? They made it to the PONY League World Series, and you gave $10,000 to Federal so you should give $10,000 to the PONY League, too. No. 2, if this county has the money to give $10,000 to the Little Leagues, then they have enough money to lower the property tax rate." -- Williamsport

"I think it's rather funny that now that Kelly Cromer is out of the limelight, the County Commissioners now have another dilemma on their hands - handing over $10,000 to a bunch of Little Leaguers. Where's the ethics commission now?" -- Hagerstown

"So, Verizon, you inadvertently published my unlisted number that you charged me for. I just got on the Do Not Call list, and you tell me it takes 30 days to kick in. After two serious surgeries and more than 200 telemarketer calls, mostly recordings that call over and over again even though you answer the phone, I'm still getting calls after 34 days. Explain to me again why I am paying for an unpublished number." -- Williamsport

"Again our County Commissioners showed poor judgment - except for Mr. Wivell. A Little League team should have never been handed $10,000 like that. What would have been a better option would have been to make a loan. Then they can go out and sell candy and have a festival like they did when I was in Little League in the 1960s. Nobody gave us anything." -- Hagerstown suburb

"What's with all these people calling in complaining about the Little League getting a gift from the county? They helped them fund this trip so they can go to the playoffs, and possibly go to Williamsport. It's not like it's an everyday occasion that this happens. With the county wasting money on other things, what's wrong with them doing something right for a change? Support the kids." -- Hagerstown

"If the Little League didn't have time to do their fundraising, then it seems to me they shouldn't have time to go to their event. That money could have certainly been put to better use, giving to underprivileged students for school supplies, or the elderly, to pay for medication or heating costs this fall. I think in the future this kind of expense is completely out of hand." -- Washington County

"Well, here we go again. Our County Commissioners have voted to waste taxpayers' money, by giving $10,000 to a private Little League club, when they can't even properly maintain our county road system." -- Sharpsburg

"I read in The Herald-Mail about foreclosure victims, that they took their pets to the humane society. I have two dogs, and I never could do that. I would sit in the woods in a tent and share one slice of bread with them. I love them that much. I don't know how people can do this thing. Thank God that we have some good people." -- Hagerstown

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