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August 02, 2008

Why listen to the 'yes men' with clean boots?

To the editor:

Why should we listen to the generals on the ground? These generals do not go on patrol; they are protected from all bodily harm; they do not get wounded or killed - heck, they do not even get dirty, thirsty or sunburned. And they received their promotions from the current president. If these generals say anything that displeases the Republican politicians in Washington, D.C., the generals are transferred out of the occupied territories of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have no experience with generals on the ground, but I almost met Admiral John S. McCain Jr. in the field when he was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Command in December 1968. At that time I was working radios contacting forward air controllers with clearance for air strikes along with a couple of advisers from the 25th Infantry Division and a whole lot of ARVN Airborne troops west of Saigon.


Admiral McCain Jr. honored us with a very brief visit by helicopter with six supporting helicopter gunships. After the admiral flew off in his helicopter, we were mortared by the Viet Cong and several ARVN Airborne soldiers were killed.

I think we should listen to the troops on the ground, but I see no indication that this administration has ever listened to anyone who told it what it did not want to hear.

Daniel Moeller

Verizon keeps cash and customers get no relief

To the editor:

I have been a customer of Verizon since it was C&P Telephone. I received the new phone book that Verizon had sold my name to, and saw my name in it.

I called Verizon to see how this could be and was told this was an error on Verizon's part.

I was told that I would receive a $25 credit on my bill for June. Well, my June bill is here and no credit. The bill has gone up another $4 (reason unknown) and I am still being charged for the unpublished/unlisted number.

So, could someone please tell me why the charges are still continuing and no $25 credit as promised? I may not be as smart as the big CEOs, but I can add and subtract. So it appears that Verizon is not going to give me anything for its mistake.

It is apparent that Verizon made money by giving up my unpublished/unlisted number, and now I am getting nothing. Like everything else in life, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

By the way, in answer to the executive who said we need to be more responsible for our personal information, I was, by having an unpublished/unlisted number. A response to my letter would be appreciated - that is, if anyone really cares about the little guy.

Bonnie C. Miller

Numerous school districts do not seem to work well

To the editor:

Twenty-five years ago an educational report entitled "A Nation at Risk" made recommendations in five critical areas to reverse the "poor performance" at nearly every level of the educational system.

The Blue Ribbon Commission appointed by former President Reagan warned of a "rising tide of mediocrity" and cited the need for change in the following areas:

1. Content: Students should have four years of English, three of math, science and social studies. Foreign language competency should begin in the elementary grades.

2. Schools should adopt more rigorous, measurable standards.

3. Schools should consider seven-hour days and a 200- to 220-day year.

4. Better teacher training

5. Leadership and fiscal responsibility: Citizens should hold educators and elected officials responsible.

In 1980, spending on K-12 education reached $16 million. Expenditures in 2007 totaled $72 billion. More money has not made a difference!

Last year, two of six school districts in Franklin County, Pa., failed to meet targets for adequate yearly progress mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Shippensburg Area and Chambersburg Area school districts failed to meet the mark, while Waynesboro Area, Fannett-Metal, Greencastle- Antrim and Tuscarora school districts met AYP targets for the 2006- 2007 school year.

This year (2007-2008) failing to meet the AYP targets were Chambersburg Area Senior High, Chambersburg Area Middle school, J. Frank Faust Junior High School, Hamilton Heights, Scotland and Thaddaeus Stevens elementary schools.

Chambersburg Area Senior High School has failed to meet the proficiency target for the sixth consecutive year. Its math scores dropped by 0.6 percent and reading scores dropped by 6.9 percent this year.

To the south of us, Washington County Schools ranked among the top 10 in the state in all assessed areas, while per-pupil spending is the fourth lowest in Maryland - a pretty good return on their investment in education.

Maryland has a county system; Pennsylvania has 501 school districts and a very expensive system. Paying all of the administrative people duplicated in these 501 districts is costly.

Pennsylvania has 67 counties and could save money and maybe improve education with some significant consolidation of districts.

Mary Butts
Chambersburg, Pa.

Just say no to take-home cars

To the editor:

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