Returning your call

August 01, 2008

Editor's Note: Each Friday, Herald-Mail reporters and editors will answer some of the questions that are called in by readers to Mail Call. Consider this us returning your call.

Did county ever get paid back for Civil War movie?

Q: "Can anybody tell me if the county ever got paid back for the movie 'Gods and Generals?' I called in on this once before and never heard anything, and I would appreciate it. The people up in Gettysburg insist we didn't, and if that's the case, what's the story on that?"

- Funkstown

A: The Washington County Commissioners agreed to loan director Ron Maxwell $340,500 after Maxwell finished "Gods and Generals," much of which was filmed in Washington County.

The loan was to help finance another Civil War film called "The Last Full Measure," which was going to be the third in the trilogy, but the movie never got off the ground.


As of June 30, Maxwell had paid back $118,214.54 to the county, Budget and Finance Director Debra S. Murray wrote in an e-mail.

Maxwell still had $242,550.71 to repay as of June 30, Murray said.

With interest, Maxwell is scheduled to pay the county $381,256.23.

The loan agreement requires Maxwell to pay back that amount by Dec. 2010.

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