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Top 5 favorite things about my summer trip

July 29, 2008|By ELIZA SCHMIDT / Pulse Correspondent

On June 6, my family and I drove four hours to a cottage in Chincoteague Island, Va., which my mom rented from her friend.

From there it was about a 10-minute drive to the beach on Assateague, Va. From the beach it's only a minute or so to the nature center. Then later we suffered an interminable drive back to the cottage to shower out the sand that had gotten where it wasn't welcome.

My top five favorite things about going to Chincoteague and Assateague islands:

5. Seeing the famous ponies. It would have been higher up, but they weren't very close to us. Also, they were off the side of the road to the beach so we had to pull over to see them. That wouldn't be bad, but a lot of people weren't pulling over, instead they just slowed down and pointed, sometimes even swerving off the road. The best part was when we saw a foal. We had binoculars, so we got to see it close up. It was very, very cute.


4. Finding the little tiny crabs in the mud. There are some places there that are more like bogs than beaches. Assateague are swarming with tiny crabs, an inch and a half wide at most. Some were so small I could barely see them. And some of them had gorgeous and intricate patterns on their backs. But if you moved, they would all zoom into their respective holes.

3. Finding big crabs at the beach. I actually caught two of them, after which I kept saying, "I caught a crab! I caught a crab!" These ones were a lot bigger then the ones I found in the mud flats, at least five inches wide (if you include their legs). I later found out that they were called "ghost crabs."

2. The beach. Sand, waves, mole crabs and sand castles. This would have been No. 1, but the water was 54 degrees. I did get in, but only for a minute or two and when I got out I kept saying that I was going to "turn black and die (from frostbite)."

1. The touch tank at the nature center. I loved that thing. It had whelks, horseshoe crabs, snails and hermit crabs. The nature center had a gift shop, too, but it was kind of boring.

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