Deeds June 2008

July 27, 2008

Darryl Scott Smoot, 13924 Weaver Ave., Maugansville, to Carmen M. Pabon, for $165,000.

US Home Corporation, 18314 Shetland Way, Hagerstown, to Joshua W. and Jennifer A. Pierce, for $285,990.

Kenneth W. and Christine M. Saur, 15908 Rhododendron Drive, Hagerstown, to Victor C. and Alanea S. Altonen, for $237,000.

Crampton Carpentry Inc., 106 Fairview Drive, Hancock, to Gary L. and Vickie L. Quackenbos, for $168,280.

MR Conrad Investments LLC, 13629 Creek View Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffery R. and Lori Ann Brandt, for $625,000.

Evelyn I. House, 7929 Mapleville Road, Boonsboro, to Joan L. Keister, for $245,000.

Raymond Hugh Hickman Jr., 21814 Black Rock Lane, Hagerstown, to Thomas B. and Monica D. Wootton, for $272,000.

Aryeh L. and Mary Beth Herrera, 12785 Ailanthus Drive, Hagerstown, to James C. and Stacey E. Bachtell, for $150,000.

Vincent J. Burkholder, 13742 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, to Larry E. Riggleman Jr., for $148,000.

Fletchers Grove Townhomes #3 LLC, 417 Green Fern Circle, Boonsboro, to Sean P. and Ashley M. Carroll, for $273,222.


Aryeh L. and Mary Beth Herrera, 12779 Ailanthus Drive, Hagerstown, to Phillip J. Haney, for $272,000.

Charles R. and Jane R. Kershner, 17624 Homewood Road, Hagerstown, to Homewood Piper LLC, for $72,500.

George R. Tressler Et Al, 1325 Marshall St., Hagerstown, to John D. Ford Jr., for $139,900.

Samuel W. Hessong, 14315 McAfee Hill Road, Cascade, to George R. Coyle, for $180,000.

Matthew G. and Jamie L. Lackemeyer, 11007 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, to Gerald W. and Jennifer A. Smith, for $188,000.

James R. Jr. and Son Mi Fleming, 17718 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Bryan D. and Mary Beth Gammill, for $229,900.

Isabel L. Bailey, trust, 19352 Burnside Bridge Road, Keedysville, to Justin R. Simms, for $142,000.

John B. and Susan E. Harsh, 17922 Jennifer Lane, Hagerstown, to Matthew Joseph Belin, for $275,000.

Jeffrey D. and Christine M. Barnes, 138 Geiser Way, Smithsburg, to Morgan James O'Brien, for $280,000.

Joann Pratt, 16826 Powell Road, Sharpsburg, to Ryan and Jessica M. Shaffer, for $226,000.

Carolyn A. Adams, trustee, 18514 Orchard Hills Parkway, Hagerstown, to Jimmy N. Lane Jr., for $185,000.

William D. and Laura M. Oates, 1409 Outer Drive, Hagerstown, to June L. and Charles E. Boxall, for $199,000.

Home Construction Corp of Hagerstown, 317 Willowbrook Way, Hagerstown, to William D. and Laura M. Oates, for $260,000.

Eric A. and Christina M. Garrison, 887 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Jessica S. Gunther, for $200,000.

Deborah Morrone, 101 Tulip Court, Hagerstown, to David S. and Dawn Ray, for $174,000.

Lea Adams, 15803 National Pike, Hagerstown, to Ira K. and Virginia I. Drury, for $185,500.

Admar Construction Inc., 13566 Essex Drive, Hagerstown, to David L. and Autumn L. Avila, for $359,900.

Robert J. and Joanne M. Brogaard, 18015 Lyles Drive, Hagerstown, to Edward J. and Heather L. Reese, for $309,000.

Jeremy and Kelly Kortright, 20131 Kellys Lane, Hagerstown, to Dwight A. and Janice L. McClung, for $177,900.

Allyson G. White, 17326 Tamarack Drive, Williamsport, to Debra L. Ambrose, for $245,000.

Linda and Kristen L. Wolf, 1810 Meridian Drive, Hagerstown, to Jack A. and Nancy J. Newkirk, for $350,000.

Storage Outpost LLC, 17931 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, to Vincent R. Groh, for $450,000.

James H. Jr. and Erin K. Hastings, 13913 Mercersburg Road, Clear Spring, to Kaitlin Michele Zaffaroni, for $229,000.

John L. Webb, 1107 Green Lane, Hagerstown, to William B. and Kimberly M. Gordon, for $173,000.

John T. Young, 17622 Gettysburg Way, Hagerstown, to Christopher P. Mills, for $264,500.

Jennifer D. Starkey, 3034 Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, to Elisabeth A. Burkhardt, for $215,000.

Gale C. and Susan M. Barnes, 18737 Nick Road, Sharpsburg, to Hugh B. and Karen T. Henry, for $375,000.

Robert and Loni Doody, 11232 Cristins Circle, Hagerstown, to David Berberich Et Al, for $220,000.

Michael S. Stevens, 12828 St. Paul Road, Clear Spring, to ARC of Washington County, Inc., for $250,000.

Valley Land and Development LLC, 13802 Emerson Drive, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $75,000.

NVR Inc., 19224 Cranberry Court, Hagerstown, to Daniel D. and Diana L. Creamer, for $469,105.

Valley Land and Development LLC, 19208 Cranberry Court, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $85,000.

Jeffrey B. Dugan, 20425 Splendor View Terrace, Hagerstown, to William H. and Jo Ellen B. Allenburg, for $387,000.

Thomas and Jale Briedenstein, 13005 Sturbridge Court, Hagerstown, to M R Conrad Investments LLC, for $375,000.

John D. and Sharon Morgan, 846 Kenly Ave., Hagerstown, to Joseph W. and Debra J. Frey, for $172,500.

Andrew G. Halich, 904 Brookridge Drive, Boonsboro, to John R. and Pamela S. Bullard, for $395,000.

Dean and Ashley W. Notabartolo, 21706 O'Toole Drive, Hagerstown, to Robert and Bridget K. Bartholomew, for $365,000.

Sharon L. and James M. Ridenour, 1018 Brinker Drive, Hagerstown, to Harold W. Lefferts, for $100,000.

Ronald E. and Delores A. Wolf, 909 Rose Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to S&S Property LLC, Series 19, for $195,000.

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