UPDATED: List of Ag Expo winners

July 27, 2008

Here is a list of winners from Washington County Ag Expo. The list will be updated as results are received.

4-H Dog Show


Champion - Sara Angle

Reserve Champion - Lilli Sutton


Champion - Lilli Sutton

Reserve Champion - Sara Angle

Grand Champion - Lilli Sutton

Reserve Grand Champion - Sara Angle

4-H Market Lamb Show

Grand Champion Market Lamb - Katherine McCormick


Reserve Grand Champion Lamb - Garrett Hamby

Junior Shepherd - Matthew Burcker

Reserve Junior Shepherd - Tyler Poffenberger

Champion Pair - Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Champion Pair - Karlie Hose

Washington County Bred & Owned Champion - Justin Martin

Reserve Washington County Bred & Owned Champion - Kelsie Yetter

Open Class Cattle Show


Grand Champion - Katherine McCormick

Reserve Grand Champion - Katherine McCormick

Brown Swiss

Junior Champion - Stephanie Eagle

Reserve Junior Champion - John Lowery

Senior Champion - Sabrina Smith

Reserve Senior Champion - Stephanie Eagle

Grand Champion - Sabrina Smith

Reserve Grand Champion - Stephanie Eagle


Junior Champion - Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Junior Champion - Erin Corbett

Senior Champion - Brenda Leggett

Reserve Senior Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Grand Champion - Brenda Leggett

Reserve Grand Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Best Three Females - Scott DeBaught

Dam & Daughter - Spencer Leggett


Junior Champion - Carly Shaw

Reserve Junior Champion - Carly Shaw

Senior Champion - Tessa Wiles

Reserve Senior Champion - Carly Shaw

Grand Champion - Tessa Wiles

Reserve Grand Champion - Carly Shaw


Grand Champion - Dylan Krull

Reserve Grand Champion -Rachel Roberts

Horseless Horse Competition

Junior Hippology Champion -Lilli Sutton

Intermediate Hippology Champion - Julia Eckstine

Senior Hippology Champion - Jessie Stein

Junior Exam Champion - Megan Leisinger

Intermediate Exam Champion -Mariah Chapelle

Senior Exam Champion - Jessi Stein

Junior Judging Champion - Lilli Sutton

Intermediate Judging Champion - Kristen Shives

Senior Judging Champion - Sara Angle

4-H/FFA Dairy Goat Show


Grand Champion Showmanship - Lindsay Beckley


Junior Champion - Justin Beckley

Junior Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Senior Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Senior Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Grand Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Reserve Grand Champion - Lindsey Beckley


Junior Champion - Karlie Hose

Junior Reserve Champion - Zachary Faith

Senior Champion - Zachary Faith

Senior Reserve Champion - Zachary Faith

Grand Champion - Zachary Faith

Reserve Grand Champion - Zachary Faith

Recorded Grade

Junior Champion - Katie Frey

Junior Reserve Champion - Timothy Frey

Senior Champion - Josiah Britt

Grand Champion - Josiah Britt

Reserve Grand Champion - Katie Frey


Junior Champion -Sarah Reid

Grand Champion - Sarah Reid


Junior Champion - Rose Froelich

Senior Champion - Rose Froelich

Grand Champion - Rose Froelich

Reserve Grand Champion - Rose Froelich

Supreme Doe - Karlie Hose

Supreme Buck - Lindsey Beckley

4-H Beef Showmanship

1st Year Champion -- Karlie Hose

1st Year Reserve Champion -- Danny Thomas

Junior Champion -- Matthew Burcker

Intermediate Champion -- McCall Griffith

Intermediate Reserve Champion -- Lonnie Thomas

Senior Champion -- Daneil Thomas

Senior Reserve Champion -- Katherine McCormick

Grand Champion Challenge -- Karlie Hose

Reserve Grand Champion -- Danny Thomas

4-H/FFA Market Steer Show

Champion Angus -- Dylan Coulter

Reserve Champion Angus -- Karlie Hose

Champion British Cross -- Dylan Coulter

Reserve Champion British Cross -- Katherine McCormick

Champion Exotic Cross -- Kandis Stoy

Reserve Champion Exotic Cross -- Karlie Hose

Champion Hereford -- Patrick Heizer

Reserve Champion Hereford - Brittany Bowman

Champion Limousin - Danny Thomas

Reserve Champion Limousin -- Adam Griffith

Champion Shorthorn -- Karlie Hose

Reserve Champion Shorthorn -- Shane Heizer

Champion Simmental -- McCall Griffith

Grand Champion Market Steer -- Patrick Heizer

Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer -- Brittany Bowman

4-H/FFA Beef Heifer Show

Champion Angus Heifer -- Shane Heizer

Champion Hereford Heifer -- Brittany Bowman

Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer -- Katherine McCormick

Champion Limousin Heifer -- Danny Thomas

Reserve Champion Limousin Heifer -- Adam Griffith

Champion Simmental Heifer -- McCall Griffith

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer -- McCall Griffith

Champion Commercial Heifer -- Erin Canfield

Supreme Champion Heifer -- Danny Thomas

Supreme Reserve Champion Heifer -- Brittany Bowman

Open-Class Beef Cattle Show

Champion Angus -- Shane Heizer

Champion Hereford -- Brittany Bowman

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer -- Katherine McCormick

Champion Limousin -- Danny Thomas

Reserve Champion Limousin Heifer -- Adam Griffith

Champion Simmental -- McCall Griffith

Reserve Champion Simmental -- McCall Griffith

Champion Commercial -- Ryan Evans

Reserve Champion Simmental - Brian Spielman

Supreme Champion -- Danny Thomas

Supreme Reserve Champion -- Brittany Bowman

Cavies Show

Champion Showmanship -- Chloe Bellerive

Best of Show -- Rose Froelich

Reserve Best of Show -- Chloe Bellerive

Rabbit Show

Champion Breed Rabbits:

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