Jazzed up Jacksons

July 24, 2008|By JULIE E. GREENE

Listen to "N.Y.C.E.," an original composition by the Jackson Brothers & Van Showe.

The comments are almost inevitable.

The Jackson Brothers?

While Mike Jackson does have a white glove with sequins he pulls out occasionally, he's not that Michael Jackson.

"I had the name first," said Jackson, 57, who performs with his brothers, Ken and Denny, and fellow musician Van Showe.

The Jackson Brothers with Van Showe will open The Maryland Theatre's new concert series, Wind Down Friday Night, at 5 p.m. Friday.


The brothers have been playing music together, on and off, since they were youths, sometimes with Showe. They had a band with local resident Laird Bush called Everybodys' Brother in the 1970s.

"Every once in a while we take a break and do our own thing," said Ken Jackson of Hagerstown.

These days, the brothers and Showe play jazz, from traditional jazz such as Charlie Parker to jazz fusion and funk such as Chris Botti. They also play original jazz.

For the past 16 months, the foursome has been playing every other Saturday night at Always Ron's in Hagerstown. That gig will go to every Saturday night in September with the group bringing in a guest artist at least once a month.

The band consists of Mike Jackson, 57, of Waynesboro, Pa., on vocals and bass; Ken Jackson, 53, of Hagerstown, on drums; Denny Jackson, 53, of Waynesboro, on vocals and keyboard; and Van Showe, 62, of Hagerstown, on trumpet/fluegelhorn and backup vocals.

All four have experience as studio musicians, recording or co-writing songs for other people.

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