Mail Call

July 23, 2008

"In regard to the telephone books: I never got the old one or the new one, but I did receive the envelope and voucher to fill out to send back the old one. It has to be mailed back by July 30. What a waste of money. It's being mailed back to Texas. Why not have a drop-off place in Hagerstown?" - Hagerstown

"I don't know who was responsible for the fireworks in Smithsburg Saturday night, but I thank you. I got to watch a nice show from my own backyard." - Cavetown

"Our government is considering raising the gas tax to 18.4 (cents) per gallon, to repair our highway infrastructure. Maybe if we stop spending billions of our money repairing Iraq's infrastructure that we bombed, we could repair our own without increasing the gas tax. Wishful thinking, expecting our government to work for us. Actually, they could care less." - Falling Waters, W.Va.


"The last president we elected without military experience let bin Laden go, decreased the military, which hurt us after 9/11, did nothing when the USS Cole was attacked, which was an act of war and may have been a pretest to 9/11. He also had some of our military families on welfare due to low pay."

"A B-52 bomber crashed off the coast of Guam in the South Pacific. Where did it come from and what was it doing there? It flew from Louisiana in the U.S. to Guam, to participate in a flyover of a parade. Is this efficient use of fuel? We are hunting money to buy $4-a-gallon fuel, and the military is pulling off something like this." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I have a novel idea. Since there was money available to construct a temporary bridge to use while the other bridge is being rebuilt, why don't they shift those funds into making the Funkstown Bridge a two-lane bridge? It could still keep its historic look, but be stronger and more functional. Just a thought." - Smithsburg

"As I was driving home on I-81 from a doctor's visit for my brother at the VA hospital, I had an unfortunate incident in the fast lane of the interstate. I hit an object on the road, which created an immediate blowout of my right front tire. I was able to safely pull off of the highway onto the left shoulder. I got out of the car and got the spare tire out and a tire iron, and laid them on the side of the road, and then got back into my car and said to my sister, who was also with us 'Now what do I do?' Within minutes, an angel named Peggy pulled up behind us and asked if she could help. She also had her dog in the car, and it was hot out. She took her time to run to a hardware store to find a part that we needed, and she came back and changed that tire for us. I offered her money and she would not take anything for helping us. Can you believe that there are still people out there as good as gold as Peggy? I hope that she sees this, and I just want her to know that she will live in our hearts forever for her kindness. God bless you, Peggy."

"I want to thank Mr. O'Malley, our governor who was elected in the last election. I just got my bill for my tags, $360. He raised the price of gas 10 percent extra on taxes and nobody changes the prices hardly in any gas pump in Washington County."

"Thumbs down to The Herald-Mail's Thumbs Down to the humane society for attempting to protect the box turtles. The humane society is doing its job. If I needed personal assistance, I would go to a social services agency, church or service organization. The humane society is supposed to protect animals. Herald-Mail, think before you give a Thumbs Down next time." - Hagerstown

"I was just wondering how anybody gets into any of the businesses along Eastern Boulevard, where the construction work is going on. It seems pretty awful to me. I think the work should have been done some time ago. Everywhere you go in Hagerstown, there's something being torn up. It seems like everybody's working on projects all at the same time."

"Nancy Pelosi, when gas was $2 and 80-some cents a gallon, Nancy Pelosi said 'Give us a majority in the House and Senate, and we have a solution for the $2 and 80-some cent a gallon gas.' Well, we give up now. She wins. I don't think we can stand much more of her solution." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"Obama has been in Afghanistan for less than 24 hours and he's calling for more troops. Isn't that what President Bush and McCain have been saying all along? But yet the people are saying 'How dare Bush and McCain add more troops.' But when Obama says it, they're all for it, so I don't get it." - Boonsboro

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