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July 22, 2008|By JULIE E. GREENE

They're creepy and they're cute.

They're mischievous to boot.

The Herald-Mail gallery.

Sometimes you just gotta be in the right place at the right time to photograph a quirky scene. Recently, Tri-State-area amateur photographers have captured snakes, a crazy shot of a cat and some cute kids.

So what have you caught lately?

We invite readers to submit their best recent photographs taken in the Tri-State area. This is a chance for amateur photographers to share their best images. Quality is key. Sharp, large, color images look best. Close-up photos show detail better. If the subject is small, get close or use a telephoto lens to make the subject appear large in the photo. Digital photos must be sharp, at least 6 inches wide with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Files should be in JPEG or TIF formats and sent as e-mail attachments.

We do not have space for family portraits, posed scenes or news photos that are published elsewhere in the newspaper.


There are three ways to submit a photo:

Drop it off at The Herald-Mail office at 100 Summit Ave. in Hagerstown.

Mail it to The Herald-Mail Co., c/o Lifestyle, P.O. Box 439, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

E-mail it to with "submitted photo" in the subject line.

With the photo, give us your name, a daytime phone number and a brief description of the story behind the photo. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you mail your photo and want it returned.


Sara Williams, 17, of Williamsport, zoomed in on this baby snake she found swimming in her pond in June. The snake was about a foot long, Williams wrote in an e-mail.

Gage Owen Crampton was wide awake, but twin brother Blake Evan was still sleeping when their mother, Wendy Crampton of the Clear Spring area, called dad, Jeremy, to photograph them shortly after they came home from the hospital. The twins, born April 10, were about a week old at the time. Lou Ann Eichelberger of Sharpsburg, Jeremy's mom, submitted this photo of her first grandchildren.

"In the process of learning about digital photography (in May), I accidentally took a flash picture of my crazy cat (Mosby), while in the macro mode," Karen Ridenour-Price, of Falling Waters, W.Va., wrote to The Herald-Mail. "I thought about deleting it, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. It represents him perfectly," Ridenour-Price said.

Last August, Stacey Durning's sons and their friends dangled a sunfish her son Dylan, 12, had caught at Cunningham Falls State Park in front of a water snake, which went for the fish. However her sons and their friends didn't let the snake eat the fish, which still had the hook and line attached, said Durning, of Smithsburg.

Perri Boyer, 47, of the Big Pool area, went to feed her horses last September and saw the dew decorate this cobweb in a gate. She framed her horses in the gate with her Pentax 35 mm

Christopher Davis photographed his daughter, Ellie, then 3 1/2, last October while she was beachcombing during a family vacation in Nags Head, N.C. Davis, of Martinsburg, W.Va., used a Canon 40D with a 50mm fixed lens.

Is it a deer head or the beak profile of a bird? Linda Marshall, of the Boonsboro area, found this piece of driftwood last fall along a portion of the Appalachian Trail near the Smithsburg-Cascade area known as Devil's Racecourse. "It just amused me, the way it looks," Marshall wrote to The Herald-Mail.

Sherie Adams submitted this photo her husband, Jack, took of a deer feasting on the "deer salad bar" at their Marlowe, W.Va., home a year ago. "The deer decided our day lilies were very tasty and then began to enjoy the other flowers planted nearby along our driveway. They liked it so much they came out to eat them in broad daylight," she wrote.

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