Boonsboro teen adds student voice to Washington County school board

July 21, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

BOONSBORO -- Scoti Dodson didn't have to wait until November to be elected to the Washington County Board of Education.

A group of the 17-year-old's peers voted in favor of her appointment as the board's student representative. Her first public business meeting in that role was last week. Scoti is an incoming senior at Boonsboro High School.

She replaces Smithsburg High School graduate Aaron Zaccaria as student representative to the board.

Scoti was elected to the position by other members of the Washington County Association of Student Councils. She also is president of the student council at her school.

"I don't really know what to expect," Scoti said of her new role. "I'm hoping for the best ... hoping to get something accomplished."


Student representative don't get a vote during board business meetings, but are asked to offer their opinion while members vote.

Scoti said one of her goals during her one-year term is to change that. She'd like to advocate for voting rights for the student representative to the board -- a task Aaron began researching during his tenure.

"It's to have a greater impact on the school system and give students a better voice," Scoti said.

Another item she would like to discuss on behalf of students in Washington County Public Schools is the restrooms they use at school.

"I know the students have issues with the bathrooms," she said. "They don't like them. Some of them are just gross. They're not well taken care of."

Scoti, who is an honor roll student with a 4.22 GPA, said she'd also like to push for more academic options for students. She'd like to see more Advanced Placement courses offered and have students be more aware of their options.

Scoti is a history lover and said she wasn't aware she could take Advanced Placement world history until it was too late. She took the honors course instead.

Scoti said when Washington County students go to other counties and see the facilities and academic options they have, it's easy to be jealous. In a speech she gave before her election, Scoti said she'd like to see those roles reversed.

"I would like to make other counties jealous of us instead," she said.

Scoti's parents are Shane and Lynn Dodson of Boonsboro. She has a sister, Carly Dodson, 15, who is an incoming junior at Boonsboro High School and who also is involved in student government.

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