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July 21, 2008

This week's question:

Washington County's Ag Expo runs from now through July 24, reminding us again that farming is not an easy profession. How can citizens help preserve the county's existing farms?

Last week's question:

How will the closing of the historic Funkstown bridge for repairs affect your life?

o It will be a major inconvenience. - 10 votes (10 percent)

o It will hurt my business or my employment. - 2 votes (2 percent )

o It will force me to burn extra gasoline to get where I'm going. - 17 votes (16 percent)

o Not much. Five months will go by quickly and then we'll have a safe bridge. - 46 votes (44 percent)

o Not at all. I'll just shop elsewhere until it's done. - 30 votes (29 percent)


o If they can tear down historic Yankee Stadium, I see no reason why they should not replace the Funkstown bridge with one that doesn't need to be closed every other year for maintenance. There are some historic things that are not worth preserving.


o We shouldn't. Nobody's helping to preserve my job or my company.

o Spend more money on farm-preservation easements.

o Allow farmers to sell their development rights for use in areas close to municipal services, such as water and sewer.

o Encourage farmers to grow more things that local people can buy and eat.

o Create bed-and-breakfasts on farms that would allow people to live there for a few days and see what is involved in agriculture.

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