Ag Expo Scenes

July 20, 2008

Angie Helfrick and Hannah Clevenger, Waynesboro, Pa.

Wearing pigtails and a smile, Hannah Clevenger, 3, was busy Saturday milking the artificial cow udders in the birthing center at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair.

"You have to get it (the milk) out when it's ready," Hannah said. "Milk is good and when babies grow up, they need milk."

Angie Helfrick was happy to see her niece having such a good time. "I wanted to bring her here today to show her the baby animals," she said. "She really loves them.


Mercedes De La Cruz and Rob Lewis, Hagerstown

Emillie Lewis, England

The Washington County Ag Expo & Fair had a visitor from across the Atlantic Ocean Saturday afternoon.

Emillie Lewis, 10, who is visiting her family in Hagerstown from England, observed the photographs that had been entered into the Ag Expo competitions.

This is the first time Emillie and her stepmother, Mercedes De La Cruz, had visited the county event.

"Emillie's grandparents are dairy farmers in England," De La Cruz said. "We wanted to bring her here today so she can learn about agriculture."

Emillie said she was excited about the rides and the different animals.

Logan Unger, Hagerstown

The red and black sign above the racecourse at the NASCAR-style R/C Racing Tournaments booth read, "No whining, crying or cussing."

Logan Unger did none of the above. The 10-year-old celebrated his victory Saturday at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair with a trophy and a big grin.

"Right now, I'm a little shaky," Logan said. "I just won the first race. It's pretty cool because I haven't done this in a long time."

Because of his win, Logan will continue racing and compete for a top driver trophy. A win at that level will give him the opportunity to compete for the title of championship driver.

Logan said he's excited and can't wait to race again.

Roger and Mary Ellen Hornbaker, Williamsport

Great-grandparents Roger and Mary Ellen Hornbaker looked on Saturday as their four great-grandchildren participated in the Barnyard Olympics at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair.

"Did he think he could beat the others by going backwards?" Roger asked.

He laughed and smiled as he watched the children participate in a potato sack race that was part of the festivities.

"We are having a very nice time here with our family," Mary Ellen said. "You root for them all and hope that they do good."

"This is a really great experience for them," Roger said.

- Thaisi Velasquez

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